Give your mind a massage

Give your mind a massage

Modern people pay attention to the quality of life and taste, highlighting the external form and appearance.

And when you’re mentally weak, do you want to take care of it as necessary?

Please do not underestimate this problem, this kind of care is psychological support, maintenance and health care.

Frequent psychological “massage” results in radiance and youthfulness.

Below, introduce some convenient and effective psychological massage techniques.

  Humor: is a beautiful transformative.

It can turn troubles into joy, turn pain into pleasure, turn embarrassment into nature, relieve contradictions and conflicts in life, and bring cheerful emotions.

Coming up with humor at the right time can not only stretch your mind, but also relieve the depression of other people’s minds, thereby resolving the positive effects of anxiety.

  Talk: It is a kind of self-psychological adjustment.

Life will not be smooth, and exposing the depression to your family and friends is a good way to eliminate bad emotions.

When “psychological infarction”, if you can tell your trusted relatives and friends in time, you can comfort and comfort your frustrated mind in the understanding of others.

  Game: Relax yourself while having fun.

Games don’t just belong to children, they should accompany us throughout our lives.

Wherever there are happy games, there must be laughter and little sorrow.

The player who is able to play must be a person with a happy heart.

Games can also enrich family life and close relationships between family members.

  Forgetting: Forgetting the pain is necessary, the frustration of the old days is fragile, and it is sad to be lost in the painful memory.

Forgetting is not simply erasing memories, but a perk, a maturity and detachment.

Forget the misfortunes and pains that life once caused to yourself, fully enjoy life and all kinds of fun, and let the mind be immersed in the joy of reality.

  Exercise: The benefits of exercise are self-evident.

Hi-movers can run, climb mountains, fight boxing, practice swords, etc. Hi-quiet people can browse through group books, practice calligraphy, draw flowers, and play chess.

Depending on your interests, find a way of activity that suits you, learn to relax, and relax moderately in order to have a healthy mental and physical state.

  Read: You will find the other side of the cave.

Ancient books and classics, masterpieces, are the accumulation and crystallization of wisdom of celebrities, great men, and advanced people.

Working with books and talking with these people will make you more wise, generous and talented, and will make you love life and cherish everything you have now.

  Writing: This is a healthy lifestyle that is refreshing.

When you feel you have something to say but no audience, when you feel stressed and unwilling to tell others, you might as well say “listen” to yourself.

Take your pain, dissatisfaction, emotions and heartfelt appeals, and write them down.

In this way, psychological pressure can be relieved, emotions can be adjusted, and the tilted psychological balance can be restored to balance.

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