The bustling world, let’s meditate on yoga

The bustling world, let’s meditate on yoga

In modern urban life, people are often constrained by stress and they are always tense and busy. If this goes on, our body will naturally have a lot of stress to bear. Then let us do meditation yoga and let us put asideThe troubles of this world, go into a quiet world, and feel the peace and quiet.

  According to yoga experts, meditation is adventure, the greatest adventure that the human mind can tolerate. Meditation just exists and doesn’t do anything-there is no action, no thought, no emotion, you just exist, it’s a totalJoy, where does this joy come from when you do nothing?

It has nowhere to go, or it comes from everywhere, and it has no reason, because existence is made of a material called joy.

  When you do nothing-physically, psychologically, at any level-when all activity stops, you just exist, that is, that is meditation.

You cannot do it, you cannot practice it: you only have to realize it.

  Whenever you can find just existence, then you throw away all your actions.

Thoughts are also being done, so is concentration, and meditation is also being done.

Even if it’s only for a moment, you don’t do anything, you just relax in your center completely-that’s meditation.

And once you get the knack for it, you can be in that state, as long as you want, and eventually you can be in that state twenty-four hours a day.

  Once you are aware of the way your local performance remains undisturbed, slowly you can start to do things later and keep your nature undisturbed vigilance, that is the second part of meditation-first,Learn how to exist and then learn a little bit of action.

Sweep the floor, take a shower, but keep your own center, and then you can do more complicated things.

  For example, someone is giving you a speech, but his meditation is not disturbed. He can continue to speak, but in his center, he can’t afford even a little blue, it is just quiet, completely quiet.

  So meditation is not against action, it is not for you to escape life, it just teaches you a new way of life: you become the center of a whirlwind, your life continues, in fact it will continue more intensely-withWith more happiness, with more clarity, more insight, more creativity-but you are detached, just a watcher on the top of the mountain, just watching everything happening around you.

  You are not a doer, you are a watcher.

  That’s the whole secret of meditation-you become a watcher.

“Doing” continues on its own. There is no problem: chopping wood, fetching water, you do small things and big things, only one thing happens, that is, your center should not be lost.

  That awareness, that observation should always be maintained, unobstructed and undisturbed.

  In meditation yoga, meditation is to be a kind of tranquility in the state of mind, free from outside interference.

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