But reality slapped Ahu’s face fiercely。

At this moment,An angry shout came from behind Ahu,Turn around,It is Aaron。
“Aaron,Why did you follow……”Ahu was stunned,Just because I was about to get a baby,Makes him very excited,For a while,I didn’t notice that I was being followed。
“Humph!If i don’t come,How did you know that my brother tried to steal the treasure??I was seeing the ice cube you brought at first glance,I noticed that the melting of the ice is obviously slow,We only knew there was ice cubes when we opened the container,Therefore, it is impossible to prepare the refrigerator in advance,After reuniting with the casual practitioner from Nanshan,Rush back to the peak for nearly two hours,I keep ice cubes with a quilt,And lost one-sixth of the ice,But your ice cubes seem to have just been taken out of the ice storage!Ice cubes that may contain treasures of cultivation,With your cautious character,It is absolutely impossible to temporarily hide ice in an unfamiliar ice store,If my guess is right,You should hide the ice in your residence first,Then contact the slaughterhouse to buy out the cold room,After leaving Nanshan,Transport the ice cubes here,Finally join me with the ice cubes prepared in advance……Ahu,You are really good at calculating!”Aaron is furious,Betrayed by a brother,How sad?
Ahu frowned,Smiled immediately。
“Yes,As you said,I do want to steal the treasure,But no matter how I calculate,Not as good as you,Aaron!”
“If you see that there is a problem with the ice from the beginning,How can you be willing to share the ice in your hand?I’m afraid,The ice cube has been replaced by you too?”Ahu sneered,Murder in my heart。
“Humph!Do you think i am you?I, Wang Long, do things up and down,How can you do this small move this night?You have bad intentions,Even spray people with blood!Nothing more!Brotherhood,Today!”Aaron tore off the dragon-shaped pendant hanging from his neck,Fell to the ground,Then turned around and left。
“Want to go?dream!”Ahu snorted,Tiger fists roar out,Aaron comes prepared,Turn around and raise your feet,Shenlong’s legs swept down,Squeeze Ahu’s fist with his heel,Deadlock。
“You want to kill me?I am your brother!!”Aaron scolded。
“Brother?Ha ha,I admit that this time I had a bad idea because of the treasure,But you?Pretending to be honest and straightforward,Secretly hiding everything,I’m afraid it’s specially made for me?If I knew you were so careful,I won’t put it on so easily!Hand over the ice cubes you hid,otherwise,I will kill you!”Ahu is full of murder,Without hiding。
Dragon and Tiger Fight,Cut robe,Near dawn,Aaron was injured and escaped,Toss and turns,Back to home,Dare not stay for a while,Carrying ice cubes wrapped in quilts and about to leave,Just walked out the back door,I saw Ahu with a murderous face coming,It happens that the back door is erected by Shangshan Seafood to transport seafood、Refrigerated truck with ice cubes。
Aaron gritted his teeth,Hide one-fifth of the melted ice in the truck compartment,And swap out a whole piece of ice from it,He knew that these ice cubes were to be sent to the nearby Shangshan Seafood Restaurant,Just recycle it afterwards。
Along holding the ice cube and leaving from the front door,And attracted Ahu’s attention,The two brothers start a new round of chase……
five minutes later,Lao Zhang, the driver of the refrigerated truck, finished breakfast,Deliver ice cubes to Shangshan Seafood Restaurant,It just so happens that another refrigerated truck specializing in the transportation of seafood is also parked at the back door of the restaurant。
“Uncle Zhang!It’s early today,Have you eaten?”Xiao Wang, the staff member of the restaurant’s back kitchen, smiled and said hello,Actually he is not a passionate person,It’s just that I accidentally learned that Lao Zhang has a pretty daughter,This changed his attitude。
“Ate,You just came,Unload the ice,I have to catch the next trip。”Lao Zhang opened the car as he said,I saw a piece in the corner at a glance“Malnutrition”Of ice。
“How is this going?How come this piece of ice has melted so much?”Xiao Wang looks different from Lao Zhang,So he went up and took a look。
“I do not know either,should……It’s okay?”Lao Zhang asked carefully。

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