Who will pay for online dating?

Who will pay for online dating?

First, the ancient standards of love have been completely disintegrated.

In the one-to-one virtual space, the interaction between men and women has the hidden nature beyond all times. As there is no form of public opinion supervision, the absence of morality is self-evident, and netizens in love finally feel an unbearable loveLight.

By copying and pasting, eachother mountain alliance has become no different from garbage, the sense of responsibility has receded behind pleasure, and the spiritual pleasure has been replaced. The online dating men and women no longer associate the value standards of love and loyalty, “Dong Lei Zhen Zhen Xia Yu Xue”The love model completely collapsed, and the mythology of life and death was completely deconstructed. When love became better on the Internet, it also became a genetically modified tomato-no smell.

  Second, the aging and consumption characteristics of love are becoming increasingly apparent.

When the network shields all human characteristics and replaces the breath with bits, any child holding a keyboard can find his own online dating on the network and plan for the future in a ruthless manner.

In the stories about leaving for online dating, the heroine is often in her teens. She has no financial ability, no ability to act, and lacks a sense of self-responsibility. That is why the Internet hooligans who cheated and crushed the crush.

Even those serious online dating, often because of the flatness, writtenness, and generalization of online communication, cannot be guaranteed from social morphology and human orientation. Such relationships, even without death, often quickly wither.

There should be no objection to comparing online dating to splendid lies and fast food consumption.

  Third, online dating has begun to upend traditional marriage.

In forums, chat rooms, and a variety of instant communication tools, extramarital affairs, polygonal love, profanity and mutation games are everywhere.

Due to the low cost and minimal cost of online dating, those men and women who have a family can easily lose their vigilance and easily indulge in seemingly harmless love games until they become a member of the online dating syndrome.Only to find out that marriage has already been destroyed.

Such stories have become commonplace on the Internet and have even become a model.

Many of today’s broken marriages are the result of online dating.

  However, no matter how distorted the online dating is, it will not prevent netizens from going online to the end.

Although investigations have shown that at least half of men and women do not believe in online dating, they do not prevent them from devoting themselves to online dating.

The reason is very simple. Online dating comes fast and goes fast. There are waves of ups and downs. Although there are no results, they always bring people some form of pleasure and satisfaction.

No doubt, as a feast of the information age, no one will be willing to be absent. The remaining doubt is that when online dating has caused so many social and psychological problems, who will pay for online dating?

  Internet company?

of course not.

Dating site?

Neither is it.

The penguin who knows no fatigue?

Not even more.

It is still consumers who pay online, those who spend time, money and enthusiasm online.

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