What are the benefits and functions of coriander?

Do you know about coriander consumption?

What are the benefits and functions of coriander?
Do you know about coriander consumption?

What are the benefits and functions of coriander?
We often have the first impression that coriander is the seasoning when cooking and seasoning, thus ignoring the efficacy and role of coriander itself. What are the benefits of coriander that you do not know about me?

Let ‘s take a look together.

  The efficacy and role of coriander Chinese medicine believes that coriander is warm and sweet, can stomach and digestion, sweating and rash, diuretic and laxative, expelling wind and detoxifying.

Coriander is rich in nutrients. Coriander contains vitamin c, carotene, vitamins b1, b2, etc., and is also rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and so on.

Coriander also contains potassium malate.

The amount of vitamin c in coriander is higher than that of ordinary vegetables. 7?
10 grams of coriander leaves can meet the human body’s demand for vitamin c; the carotene contained in coriander is more than 10 times higher than tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, etc.

  1. Coriander spicy scented powder in the stomach tone can promote colonic peristalsis and has the effect of appetizing and refreshing the spleen.

  2, the treatment of cold body is stronger, better physique, but occasionally cold people can use it to treat colds.

  3, to eliminate the coldness of coriander, people with spleen and stomach dehydration, moderate consumption of coriander can also cause warm stomach to dispel cold, help digestion, and alleviate stomachache, you can add orange peel for digestion and qi to warm porridge,Just before the pan is sprinkled with coriander, and used for coriander porridge to drink.

  4. Sweating and clearing heat and rash Coriander extract has a significant function of sweating and clearing heat and rash. Its special fragrance can stimulate sweat glands secretion, promote body sweating and rash.

  5. The fragrant coriander contains a large amount of volatile oil, and its special aroma is emitted by the volatile oil.

It can eliminate the fishy smell of meat, so adding some coriander in a small amount can eliminate the fishy smell and enhance the unique effect of flavor.

  Coriander consumption taboo The general population is rich in edible coriander.

Coriander can promote sperm vitality and improve reproductive ability; coriander and lamb or dog meat can be used together to stimulate sexual desire and improve sexual performance.

People with cold exogenous feeling, prolapse of the anus and loss of appetite, especially those with measles in children.

  Coriander is detrimental to people’s spirits and disadvantageous to the eyes.

However, those who suffer from bad breath, body odor, severe dental caries, stomach ulcers, and sores should eat less coriander; in addition, coriander is warm, and measles has penetrated or although it has not penetrated, but heat poisoning stagnation should not eat coriander.

  Eating more coriander or prolonged consumption of coriander will consume gas, damage the spirit, cause slenderness or aggravate qi deficiency.

For those who are usually self-sweating, fatigue, burnout and qi deficiency, especially pregnant women can not eat coriander.

  Coriander has such effects and effects before, and coriander root also has wonderful effects.

  Coriander root boiling water effect and practice Coriander root is a part of coriander, the effect is similar to coriander.

Taking coriander root to boil water, detoxification and other effects are immediate.

  Coriander root boiling water effect 1, coriander root boiling water can effectively detoxify: whether adults or children with measles, try taking coriander root boiling water.

Dessert cilantro (with roots and leaves) in water, fumigate and scrub your body for about 10 minutes.

Or wash the rooted cilantro with water and cook, then wash your face with cilantro root water.

This can effectively regulate sebum secretion and accelerate the exfoliation of aging cutin and melanin caused by the healing of rash infection.

  2, boiled water with coriander root can effectively speed up the fever in children.

Moms can give it a try.

Coriander root has the function of promoting blood circulation, and can sweat and reduce fever.

And it also has the function of strengthening the spleen and stomach. Children often have fever and recurrence because of weak spleen and stomach function. Drinking coriander root juice may achieve the “two-pronged” effect.

Optionally, wash the cilantro roots and add them to the casserole, add about six or seven hundred milliliters of water and cook together.

When the water is about 1/3 of the original, remove the coriander root.

Babies can drink two to three times a day, and have a fever or relieve or even recede after drinking.

  Fragrant menu is a condiment. It still has the above effects. Did you know?

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