Women are more likely to keep secrets than men

Women are more likely to keep secrets than men

The man said, “If you want a woman to keep secrets for a lifetime, it’s simply ridiculous.

“In fact, these words are just the opinions of men.

According to the Australian Daily Telegraph, researchers in the country have discovered that there are some secrets that women don’t even talk to their closest friends.

From this perspective, women are more likely to keep secrets.

  You can talk about your troubles: “Don’t look at women who are usually nagging, think that they have leaked their secrets. In fact, they can at best be troubles.

“Zheng Li, a counselor in the Beijing Psychological Counseling Office, said that women are emotional animals. Because of this, they are willing to find someone to come to their troubles.

  Consultant Song Yumei also believes that “when a woman is vulnerable, someone needs to listen first.

“When a woman caught in a relationship is heartbroken or swings from time to time, someone needs to be” pulled. ”

If the girlfriend said “what does such a man want him to do, a woman should be nice to herself”, maybe she will suddenly wake up.

  The real secret is not to say “but women are secretive about certain stories.

Those secrets that are really buried deep inside women will never be spoken.

Zheng Li believes that this is mainly due to the weak mentality of women.

“It is known from women’s physical characteristics that femininity is the most important characteristic.

This determines that women love to position themselves as the weak. Even if some people seem tough on the surface, their hearts are always soft.

“Zheng Li said that under this weak mentality, women often think that they have insufficient control over external life,” and the secret is different. It is completely their own privacy.

No matter how strong others are, you can’t manipulate your inner world.

“Since a woman can’t control the outside world, she can still control her heart.

As a result, women always feel that the more secrets they have in their hearts, the better their ability to control them.

  In addition, women can keep their secrets from evolutionary psychology.

Song Yumei analyzed: “In ancient times, men went hunting, leaving only the hostess in their homes.

Male hunting is an active external offensive behavior, which determines that they will choose to resist in case of incidents.

Women have to protect a family at home. All she can do is defend.

Song Yumei explained that this also has another consequence, that is, it is more difficult for women to believe in others.

“So, in the depths of some women’s hearts, the secret is like an old family in ancient times, and women protect it especially tightly.

Song Yumei said that a woman who is afraid of telling her secrets to her friends will pass on ten or ten, and may end up hurting herself, so she just let the secrets rot.

  If you ca n’t bear it, say “Not everyone can easily keep a secret.

Song Yumei said that sometimes there are too many secrets in your heart, it will become a burden, and it is easy for someone to press.

Therefore, someone must learn to find an outlet for the secret.

  Song Yumei believes that secrets do not have to be spoken.

You can write it in a diary or blog, or chat with strangers online, which can also reduce the negative effects.

  ”Often most of the secrets are knot knots, and ultimately, they need to be communicated from person to person.

“Song Yumei said, if you learn to believe in others, you can first talk to the people closest to you, such as close friends, husbands, etc. Maybe they will give you good advice and make your relationship one step closer.

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