[Can pregnant women eat French fries?

]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat French fries?
]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

There are many things that expectant mothers need to adjust during pregnancy. Some need to adjust their mental state, and then adjust their diet, especially diet conditioning is very important. During pregnancy, there are many foods that you ca n’t eat, and you ca n’t eat raw beans.Some foods, some ca n’t eat ginseng beans, others ca n’t eat cassava, ca n’t eat green tomatoes, etc., can pregnant women eat french fries?

Can pregnant women eat french fries?
First of all, there must be a guarantee that the amount of potato food (potato, sweet potato, taro) should be about 80 grams per day.

Basically, the meat is well-matched. As long as it is well-matched, you can enjoy the food while maintaining the slim body.

When eating potatoes, you should reduce the intake of staple food accordingly. You can follow the potato and staple food 31: 1?
41: 1 proportional control.

If you eat about 80 grams of potatoes every day, it will help reduce the risk of stroke.

For more mashed potatoes and french fries in fast food, they are oxidized during processing, destroying decomposed vitamin C, and greatly reducing nutritional content.

For French fries, it is easy to increase the extra intake, and the oil of French fries is repeatedly heated at high temperatures to produce polymers, such as toxic substances blocking monopolymers are carcinogens, so try to eat less.

Nutritionists point out that eating potatoes does not have to worry about excesses, because it only contains zero.

1% of aunts are the least of all hunger foods. Eating more potatoes every day can reduce your aunt’s intake and make the excess aunt gradually metabolize.

But a small amount is that potatoes, especially potatoes, contain a toxic substance called alkaloids. A large amount of alkaloids in the human body can cause poisoning, nausea, diarrhea and other reactions.

This toxic compound is usually concentrated in potato skins, so be sure to peel it when eating, especially to peel the green skin.

In addition, the germinated potatoes are more poisonous. When eating, be sure to dig out the buds and roots and soak them in clean water. It should be fired when stewing.

In addition, if pregnant women often eat potatoes with high alkaloid content, accumulation in the body may cause deformities.

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