Pink Aaron Paul is willing to be a Hollywood evergreen

“Pink” Aaron Paul is willing to be a Hollywood evergreen
“Pink” in the American drama “Breaking Bad”, from a role with only nine episodes, became one of the two male heroes, and won three Emmy trophy for Aaron Paul.Aaron Paul participated in the third season of “Western World” which just ended recently.  Maybe many people did n’t pay attention. In fact, Aaron Paul was almost 30 years old when he appeared in the American drama “Breaking Bad”, and he was only 17 when he drove into Los Angeles with his dream, which means that he went from unknown toHe has struggled for ten years of fame; now that he has participated in the third season of “Western World”, he has also entered the age of 40. Another ten years later, he does not have any glory and shadow brought by “small fans”.Career replacement to a higher level.  However, this route was chosen by himself. He chose to follow his heart rather than chase fame and fortune at the peak of his life.Aaron Paul is too sober to be an endorsement for Hollywood, but has the hope to live what he wants-to be some evergreen tree.  Dream-Hollywood went to work at Universal Studios for a livelihood. Aaron Paul was born on August 27, 1979, in the small town of Emmet in the northwestern United States of Idaho with a population of more than 10,000. His father was a Baptist.Pastor, the entire family believes in traditional and conservative American life, so Aaron ‘s initial drama experience also took place in the church.Mother Dara gave birth to four children, and Aaron was the youngest one. Since he came to the world a month earlier than planned, his mother could not go to the hospital and had to give him alone in the bathroom-his father was not in the city.  The life-threatening Aaron Paul lived a bland life in the first one-fifth of his life, not the life he wanted. He longed for something to accomplish, just as the TV advertised, goHollywood is breaking new ground.So after graduating from high school, he decided to become an actor. He drove into Toyota in 1982. With 6,000 dollars in his bank card, he took his mother and embarked on a journey to Los Angeles.  Most American youths have an infatuation and yearning for Hollywood that is infinitely close to success. Here you do n’t need to have a stunning beauty, you do n’t need to sit full of economics, and you do n’t need to rely on the power of the sky. Sometimes you only need to interact with scouts.The spark of the four eyes is relatively instant, and life will then turn to the next chapter and enter the Shuangwen script.  Hollywood is naturally willing to vigorously promote this set of unnatural logics, attract more fresh blood for itself, and drive this huge creative and star-making machine to never stop, so opportunities are also endless, it seems that everyone can shareA cup of soup.  Aaron Paul, who had just arrived in Los Angeles in 1996, won the runner-up in the International Model and Talent Association competition, and signed a professional agency, got some opportunities to show his face in MV and TV commercials, and came onSome movies and TV series, including “Crime Scene Investigation” and “Crime Psychology”, which are famous for “accommodating the once green faces of famous actors”.In early 2000, he got the chance to appear in the famous variety show “Price Quiz”. Aaron lost the game under the real name and lost. He also showed a very lack of grace in front of the national audience-of course, this is also the routine operation of American variety shows.To get the favor of the camera, you need a stronger acting personality than others.  Aaron may have felt countless times that he is no longer far away from success. In fact, he has also participated in “Mission Impossible 3” and “K Star Alien”, but in Tom Cruise and Kevin SpiceUnder the aura of superstars, who can remember this thin baby-faced boy?This obscure day lasted for ten years. During those days waiting for a cameo opportunity, he also worked as a lead agent at Universal Studios Hollywood to maintain his livelihood.  All days are destined to become the hero of the nine episode drama “Pink”. In 2006, Aaron Paul’s ten-year expiration in Hollywood, finally ushered in a career turning point.At that time, HBO launched many popular episodes, including “Love” that focused on Mormonism and polygamy. Aaron Paul played a supporting role in 14 episodes.  The movie starring for the first time in his life in early 2007 was also released. Although it is a small horror film, the “starring” itself is of great significance.This movie is called “Daydreamer”, and the color is so ordinary that the shooting process is more interesting.It was late summer 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, so a film crew originally planned to film in New Orleans was forced to relocate to downtown Los Angeles, crowded with the film crew of “Daydreamer”Upstairs and downstairs.The sound insulation of the building was not very good, which caused several oolongs. The downstairs crew called “Action”, but the machine upstairs started to turn, and the upstairs crew called “Cut”.Turn on the first day.On the second day of filming, the police came to the door. The original crew did not report as required and was ordered to be closed by the police . By 2008, the story of “Breaking Bad” began.This TV series also includes “Advertisement Madman” of the same year and “The Walking Dead” which will be broadcast two years later, turning AMC Cable TV Station into a newcomer in the circle. “Breaking Bad” has also become one of the greatest American dramas in history.  ”Breaking Bad”, whose drama strength has never dropped, has brought Aaron Paul three trophies for best supporting actor in the Emmy Awards drama category, setting the highest number of awards for the same person-—Who does n’t love short-lived bastards whose moral conscience has lost their conscience?In this Hollywood with infinite dreams and limited resources, Aaron has since realized his Hollywood dream in stages.In this success, there are actually coincidences.  According to the original plan, “Little Pink” Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, should be killed in the ninth episode.When the time was right, when the Hollywood screenwriter went on strike, producer and screenwriter Vince Gilligan revisited the entire project during the “vacation”, and was moved by Aaron Paul’s interpretation of the role in due course.He changed the play.As the sides of the character are completed, the popularity is growing.”Breaking Bad” has also evolved from a big male lead to a double male lead. Jesse Pinkman is the only character outside “Old White” Walter White who has appeared in all 62 episodes.He even became the general existence of “Lao Bai’s last conscience”. At the end of the story, Vince Gilligan gave up for “Lao Bai” and turned his hope to “Little Fan”.  The first time I wanted to do evergreen tree work was no longer the aura brought to survival episodes and characters that put Aaron Paul into the stage of “personal picks”.”Some big film studios have already represented me to olive branches, but I’m not sure if this is the right direction.I always believe that if you want to stay in this industry forever, the key is to choose the right role.Finally, for the first time in my life, I was able to work for roles, not for survival, so I wanted to pick a suitable project.Maybe this is the wrong choice, but honestly, I do n’t care, I just want to shoot some projects that excite me, even if it ‘s just a small production.”So when he had the right to choose, Aaron chose independent movies like” Suicide Quad “and” Tattoo. “Of course, he did not completely offset the big production. After “Breaking Bad” Aaron starred in the famous game adaptation of “Need for Speed” and participated in “Pharaoh and Gods” directed by Ridley Scott, butThe results of these films are not very good, and it is difficult for Aaron Paul ‘s popularity and industry category to be improved.  Seven years after “Breaking Bad”, Netflix launched “Futuristic: The Breaking Bad Movie”, which accurately reflected the fan’s feelings, which also marked the slow return of Aaron Paul to the television circle.  This year, he once again became a hot issue of the Gold Emmy Awards because he participated in the third season of HBO “Western World”.However, the heat and word of mouth of the third season of “Western World” are no match for the first season. The fate and mental journey of the role played by Aaron Paul is also like a replica of the real world heroine Deloris (justThis time the awakening guide was Dolores).Aaron’s performance in the play is remarkable, but it is almost impossible to have this role to reproduce the glory of “Little Fan”.  Fortunately, the era of blind pursuit of success and happiness with only one standard is going away.”Not red” can also be a way out of life, and this way was chosen by Aaron Paul himself.He wants to be an evergreen tree in this industry, not a dazzling firework.The reason may be in the silent decade of Hollywood.In the face of many temptations after fame, he once said a famous saying: “This is very dangerous for children who come here with dreams-fame and fortune will eventually change people, and almost no one can be immune to fame and fortune.But I am 30 years old, enough to understand myself.At 17, you might think you know everything, but in fact you are just a child, and there is more to learn.”Author / Dao Chenlan

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