“Then pack my clothes if you have time,So we are done over there,We can go home earlier。”

Xiao Fan sent Lin Yun an emoticon after reading it,“ok。”
So Xiao Fan started to clean up。Lin Yoona is working at school, the phone rang,He didn’t notice,So there was no news from Xiao Fan in the first time。
But it doesn’t matter,Anyway, Xiao Fan got up,Just see his news。
Xiao Fan went to wash up after getting up,then。Actually, the cafeteria found breakfast,It started a bit late。
So there is not much rice in the cafeteria。After a simple meal, I returned to the room and opened。
There are not many clothes in Lin Yoona’s closet,He only lived here for three days,So I took three sets of clothes。
I still wear a set,So there are only two sets of clothes left in the suitcase,And Lin Yun’s cosmetics have already done skin care。
So he should not use these things anymore,Xiao Fan put him directly in his makeup bag,And packed it all in the suitcase。
The sheets and quilts they bought on the bed were not installed,Because Xiao Fan said before,No matter if you live in this house, you will treat it as a gift to them。
Then it’s useless to take this thing back,There are many beds in the house than it is not suitable for this,So this is all here。
It didn’t take a long time, Xiao Fan quickly packed up,The stuff in this house。
This is Xiao Fan’s meaningless staying in the room?and then,He’s going to school to find Lin Yoona。
They’re only past nine o’clock in the morning,They probably haven’t finished it yet。
So Xiao Fan came to school,But I didn’t expect that they bricked so fast because they got up too early in the morning,Early to school。
So when Xiao Fan just walked to the school, he saw these five people come out from the school talking and laughing with a tool kit.。
Xiao Fan walked to Lin Yun’er and said to him:“Has it been completed??”
Lin Yuner smiled and replied:“Yes。”The other four looked at each other。
Then just say:“Ok,Manager Xiao,We go back first。”

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