You can’t hide your favorite snacks quietly.,Otherwise, Mother Chen must find,By then, you can know what Chen’s temper is like taking up the broom。

Chen Wenjin thinks that his generation generally hates excessive social interaction,Like family having private space,It should be caused by the fatigue accumulated since childhood。
Father Chen and his comrades have good memories in common,Get together and talk,They have good intentions,I hope the next generation can maintain their friendship,But the reality is:The children see it once or twice a year,Will only produce‘To toast one by one,Repeat the routine congratulations,I’m going to entertain guests with my favorite snacks again’Feeling like,It’s strange to like。
As for the bowls and plates that fill the pool after the guests have dispersed,The house full of garbage,The pain in comparison is nothing。
These exhaustions are for Chen Wenjin,Long gone,Because he has always avoided falling into a socially cumbersome lifestyle,This year,But he revisited it again。
It’s a pity that this revisiting is not a good experience,But painful torture。
Only two days,Chen Wenjin just hopes this year will end soon。
As for the red envelope?
I had to turn in when I was young,You can even swallow it even if you fight。
But now Chen Wenjin has no motivation for the red envelope money,New Year is completely meaningless。
At noon on New Year’s Eve, Hui quietly called Chen Wenjin.,I said a few words in a hurry,After this,New Year’s Day、Second grade、There is no news in the third grade。
Chen Wenjin is immersed in Chinese New Year——In a busy atmosphere,It wasn’t until the 9th day of the ninth day that he was relieved。
Father Chen said that a comrade-in-arms went home during the New Year,Go again on eleventh,Then this year is over。
“what?There is one more?Everyone went back to their hometown to hide,Don’t you let him go?”Chen Qian shouted annoyed,Father Chen rebuked:“Nonsense!I went home to visit relatives!We should go back to see your grandparents this year。”
“You have a red envelope,Any complaints?”Mother Chen also echoed the blame。
Chen Qian’s eyes stared,Reach out and say:“Then give me the red envelope,I won’t complain without turning in!”
“Isn’t it saved for you??”Chen’s mother takes it for granted。
“Then I don’t need your help to save,I save it myself,Give it to me。”Chen Qian is determined to go down。

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