British women’s magical weight loss during pregnancy

British women’s magical weight loss during pregnancy

Zoe after the birth of Zoe before pregnancy became a lady. For women, weight gain during pregnancy has become commonplace.

If you can get thinner during pregnancy, it is extremely rare.

Recently, a British woman created this “myth”: Zoe, 30 years old?

Bisgraf lost half his weight during pregnancy.

Before the pregnancy, it was a fat lady of more than 200 kilograms. After giving birth, she turned into a lady who weighed about 90 pounds.

  According to British media reports on the 27th, Zoe from Devon, Devon, England, has always been a fat person since childhood.

For many years, obesity has been a pain that lingers in her heart.

Since she was a child, with the help of her family, she has started to lose weight, but she has never been effective.

At the age of 20, she has reached 200 pounds.

Compared with the girl of the same age, Zoe looks like an “Obasan”.

  Because it was useless to try a variety of methods, Zoe gave up the idea of losing weight.

Until the age of 27, because she was too fat to see the road, she rolled down from her own stairs and broke the tailbone.

Since then, Zoe has made up his mind to get rid of a pile of excess meat.

This reduction is two years.

18 months ago, Zoe was surprised to find that his weight actually lost more than 3 pounds.

This is definitely a big surprise for Zoe, who has never been effective in losing weight.

Just as she was still immersed in the excitement of thinning, the arrival of a baby boy outside the plan poured a cold water on her.

Zoe, who has given birth to two sons, knows that pregnancy means gaining weight.

However, Zoe, who was pregnant for the third time, did not gain weight.

On the contrary, during the 9 months of pregnancy, her weight quickly became lighter.

By the time his son Seth was born, more than 200 kilograms of Zoe had become a beautiful mother weighing only 90 kilograms.

  Zoe said: “When I knew I was pregnant, I specifically refused.

I thought I had lost my weight loss plan again, but it is hard to believe that my weight has been reduced during pregnancy.

Now, I am like a freshman.

In the past, my wardrobe was full of the largest size clothes.

Putting on those clothes is simply not to be beautiful.

Today, I can wear a variety of clothes to fully show my curves.

Walking on the street, many people can’t recognize me.

My friends are sighing that my change is too big!

According to media reports, Zoe, who has succeeded in slimming, is now a slimming consultant.

Because he is a typical example of life, Zoe has a lot of customers.

In an interview, Zoe said: “Since I can get thinner during pregnancy, then we have reason to believe that other women can also become thinner.

Now I am helping them develop the right diet and lifestyle.

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