Life details are fascinating

Life details are fascinating

Lead: For fascinating legs, pay attention to daily habits and do more leg exercises, so that the legs can be more slender and more attractive.

Here are a few tricks to shape your charming legs.

1, do not stand or even walk every day, you can also slim legs.

Walking is an effective way to slender legs. At least 30 minutes of walking every day, (working or shopping), when walking, the back is straight, relaxed, stretched, and the center of gravity is moved from the legs to the toes.This will increase the amount of activity in the calf and make the legs stronger and longer.

Correct posture, raise your head and chest, tuck your hips, the upper body does not swing too much arc, use the strength of the waist and legs, take the pace to make the body forward.

With a bit of breathing and not sweating, you can achieve the effect of exercise.

Remember to never stand for a long time, sedentary, long time.

Long-term standing, sedentary, long-term sputum caused the lower limbs blood is not easy to circulate, long time can only make the legs look swollen, serious will cause the varicose veins of the beautiful image.

2, if you are not sitting on a flat position, it is also related to the leg shape. Women who need to sit in the office continuously, the chances of increasing the leg are changed, so pay attention to the correct sitting posture and the activities of the legs while sitting.

The standard beautiful sitting position is “the same shape as the chair.”

The back is in line with the back of the chair, the back muscles are naturally relaxed, and the body and the thighs, the thighs and the lower legs are at a right angle of 90 degrees.

The postures of the two legs are elegantly combined and placed forward or sideways.

3, to be flat, do not tilt the center of gravity imbalance like to stand three or seven steps, the backpack often back to the side of the eyebrows attention: long-term imbalance of the results of the imbalance, it will also cause the leg shape is not beautiful Oh!

In order to adapt to the change of the center of gravity, the body will naturally adjust to a posture to maintain balance. If you have not found it, your head may be tilted and the leg shape will be bent.

Therefore, the ordinary schoolbag should develop the habit of changing the edge; when the station is centered on the two feet; in addition to the formal necessary occasions, try to avoid wearing high heels to maintain a stable and balanced center of gravity.

4, to sleep, do not sleep for a short time, in addition to affecting the skin, it will also affect the body.

The daily sleeping time should be about 8 hours.

Staying up late, lack of sleep will slow down the body’s metabolism, making the body’s toxins and excess waste more difficult to excrete, and the legs are more prone to excessive edema.

5, to the board do not soft bedding too soft and slender waist often sink, sleep for a long time will cause the pelvis to skew, so that the shape of the bone changes.

In addition, it will cause the tip to protrude and the waist is sore, so sometimes the bed of the bed is a good thing.

When you lie on your side, you will bend the hip joints, bend your knees, and sleep in this position. It is easy to cause prominent and pelvic slanting. You may not want to watch the beautiful girls with beautiful legs.

6, to pick the legs do not thicken, and have a lot to do with the daily diet, if you want to become slim, do not greedy, you must pick and eat, pay attention to the following points in the diet: protein helpsFor muscle growth, you should eat more protein foods such as meat and soy products.

However, when eating meat, the fat should be removed to avoid excessive accumulation of the body, leading to obesity.

Eating calcium-containing foods such as milk can prevent osteoporosis.

Eat more potassium-containing foods, potassium can help remove excess water, bananas, soybeans, spinach, seaweed, etc. contain a lot of potassium.

Do not drink beverages or canned juices containing polysaccharides, because sugar will be converted into adults, so when eating fruits, you should also pick some fruits, such as apples, oranges, watermelons, etc.

Unsaturated salt, because the salt is too much water in the body, forming edema, so you should eat potato chips, sausages, salted fish and other high-salt foods.

7, do not be lazy, do not be lazy to exercise, properly raise your legs.

I insist on lifting the leg for 15 minutes before going home every day. The effect of the legs must be visible.

8, do not soak into the bath, do not rush, you should take a warm water bath, hot water soaked half-body bath can not only suspend the nerves, but also accelerate blood circulation, to achieve the effect of cellulite.

The water temperature in the bath is about 42 ° C to 45 ° C, warm water soaked into dark color, sitting in the water for 3 minutes.

Repeat this process 4 to 5 times, and become a lot of perspiration, so that the transfer of the lower body is consumed, making the muscles of the legs stronger.

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