wild duck

wild duck

[Sexual taste]sweet, cool, non-toxic.

  [Guijing]into the spleen, stomach, lungs and kidneys.

  [Efficacy]Buzhong Yiqi, Pingwei Xiaoshi, Lishui swelling.

  【Indications】 Weakness, loss of appetite, fatigue, weakness of qi, edema, chronic edema, and chronic soreness.

  [Health prescription and medicinal supplements]1.

Wild duck porridge: 250 grams of duck meat, 100-150 grams of rice, with porridge, oil, salt, MSG seasoning.

It can nourish the body, diuretic and swelling.

Applicable to post-ill body weakness, weak body, loss of appetite, edema and other symptoms.


Cordyceps stewed wild duck: remove a dog’s hair, remove the internal organs from the opening of the anus, wash 10-15 grams of Cordyceps sinensis into the duck’s belly, replace, add an appropriate amount of water, season with salt, steam and eat.

Have Qingbu heart and lung, nourish kidney and essence, and stomach digestion.

It is suitable for weak body, thin body, neurasthenia, loss of appetite, insomnia, anemia, chronic kidney failure, nocturnal emission, impotence, cough of tuberculosis, blood in sputum, chronic bronchitis in the elderly, dry cough and more.


Dangshen Huaishan stewed wild duck: One duck is hairless and viscera, 50g of Huaishan, 20g of Codonopsis, 15g of ginger, salt, steamed with a moderate amount of water, and has the effect of nourishing qi and spleen.

It is suitable for the symptoms of weak stomach, poor appetite, indigestion, thin stools, and weak body.


Treatment of chronic nephritis edema: remove a duck from a wild duck, remove the internal organs from the opening of the anus, stuff 30 grams of peeled garlic head into the duck’s belly, separate, steam and eat (light food is appropriate), eat one for two daysOnly, even serving several.


Wild duck red bean soup: One duck is depilated and viscera, 10-50 grams of red beans, 3 grams of rind (or 100 grams of peanut rice, 50 grams of winter melon skin), eat with soup.

Can cure malnutrition edema, chronic nephritis edema.

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