Grasping diet skills to lose weight is easier

Grasping diet skills to lose weight is easier

If you don’t want your body to be out of shape, you should start with the diet.

Six tips make you more and more slim.


hzh {display: none; }  一餐一道过油菜  以食用油烹煮的菜,一餐以一道为限。If the main dish is croquettes, do not eat the vegetable salad with the sauce, and change to the salad with green vegetables, so that you can avoid eating too much oil.

However, even during weight loss, it is necessary to eat a teaspoon of oil at a meal.

  Experts suggest that oil can make the stomach less prone to obesity and reduce the chance of eating snacks, and has the effect of increasing the absorption rate of carotene.

  Eat enough white fish, red meat, soy products, low content and sufficient protein must be absorbed, representing foods are white fish, red meat, beans and beans, dairy products.

The protein required for a woman’s day is 60 grams.

  Expert Tip: In addition to making muscle and blood, protein is also an indispensable nutrient for hormones.

When the protein is insufficient, the state of health will be affected, and the action of eating less will not last long.

  A large spoonful of sugar and a meal of sugar on a day is the cause of blessing. However, if you want to cook a delicious dish, it is necessary to use it in small amounts, so one day is limited to one spoon.

  Try to avoid sweet drinks or cakes when eating snacks. If you really want to eat desserts, and choose to use a lot of desserts made by aunts and sugar, it is better to eat extra snacks such as lamb or small steamed buns.
  Changing the cooking method The overdose of fried foods or fried foods with oil is the culprit of obesity. Therefore, do not make fried foods because of the convenience and deliciousness of fast foods, and even actively consider ways to reduce excessive conditioning.

  In addition, even if it is the same fried food, if the food is cut into small pieces and then fried, it is easier to adsorb the oil and thus it is higher.

Therefore, depending on the method of frying, there is a considerable difference in the content contained.

  ”Adults, in order to cope with children who are growing up, usually have a lot of similar examples of fried foods, and this situation is definitely excessive.

Therefore, even if you use the same material, use a low-calorie conditioning method such as steaming, boiling, and roasting for adults.

“According to the expert’s advice, just a little change in the conditioning method can make the slices more delicious and reduce the size.

  Drinking boiled alcohol or sweet drinks is the biggest “enemy” for weight loss, and boiling water and tea are your best partners.

Even a 100% juice drink contains quite a lot of sugar, so trying to endure it is the best policy.

  It is generally believed that drinking does not accumulate a small amount. In fact, the content of alcohol is quite high, like the conversion of 100 ml of sake into 198 kcal (sugar 9).

0 g), the conversion of a glass of red wine also has 80 kcal (sugar mass 1).

7 grams).

  Experts say: People who can’t get rid of it anyway, sweet drinks, one bottle a day, one bottle of beer, use this as a standard, and decide the amount to take.

  Eat two or two staple foods to eat rice, limited to a bowl of small rice bowl (110 grams), bread is limited to six pieces.

Expert advice: Fill 110 grams of rice into the rice bowl, please use your eyes to look at the amount of weight.

  Similarly, pasta such as udon noodles, pasta, etc., can be easily controlled once the amount of food is eaten in advance.

Diet is important, and exercise is essential.

Want to lose weight or do more exercise!

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