How to bathe helps men to be more sexual

How to bathe helps men to be more sexual

A couple in love, taking a bath, is indeed a warm and romantic thing.

The two comforted each other in the bath, and when they were strong, they came to a water war, which brought infinite pleasure to both men and women.

However, some experts have recently discovered that bathing may actually affect sexual function!

He even suggested that it is not appropriate for people to have sex within 20 minutes after a hot bath.

  A few days ago, a sex school report published by the Institute of Sexology in the United States pointed out that whether sex life can be carried out normally has a lot to do with blood supply in various parts of the human body.

In an adult, the amount of blood in the body is 5000-5500 ml, and the blood is evenly distributed in various internal organs and tissues.

If an organ is aggravated, the body will temporarily increase the amount of blood supplied.

  In the hot water bath, the whole body skin is immediately and extensively congested.

If you have sex while taking a bath, or if you take a sexual activity immediately after taking a bath, your body needs to use a lot of blood and flow to the sex organs.

For example, when a male sexual organ is erect, the blood requirement of the sponge is 20-25 times more than the normal state.

At this time, a large amount of blood is accumulated in the skin, and there is a contradiction in the deployment, which will result in a power failure.

  Bathing is the most relaxing time for people’s physiology, but if you can take advantage of this opportunity, use alternating baths of hot and cold water, or warm water showers on the penis and groin, enhance men’s sexual function.

  The alternating hot and cold water bath is a very old exercise method that enhances male sexual function.

The specific method is to first soak the body with warm water in the bathtub, wait until it is fully warm, then drain the bathtub, apply cold water to the genitals, wait for about 3 minutes, the penis, the scrotum shrinks and then the bathtub, so repeat 3-5It will end.

  If you can continue to do alternating baths of hot and cold water every day, the males after the middle age alternate are obese, sexual function is enhanced, and fatigue is light.

If you use alternating hot and cold water showers, the effect will not change.

  When entering the bath, if you can use the shower head to pour warm water around the root of the penis, it will also have a good effect on restoring the “energy” of the retinal pill.

Because the erection of the penis makes the ligaments and nerves supporting the penis quite tired, and the longer the erection time, the more severe the fatigue.

The warm water stimulation can speed up the blood circulation and restore the fatigue of the tablets and penis of the mine as soon as possible.

Moreover, the shower is different from the whole body in the bathtub, and the shower can produce a concentrated heating stimulation effect on the local acupuncture points.

Of course, the water pressure in the shower rises as well.

  It is completely root of the penis, and the groin of the thigh root is also an important stimulation site.

Because the groin is the “traffic of the traffic” that transports blood and nerves to the catheter pill, the blood circulation of the groin affects the sexual function of men.

In the shower, warm the water to stimulate the groin, and use two fingers to lift the abdominal sulcus from top to bottom, which has great potential to enhance men’s sexual function.

  In addition, there are some important acupuncture points in the lower abdomen, such as Guanyuan, Qihai, etc., stimulated with warm water, can also enhance sexual function.

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