Qualifying is not easy to play, this American team may become the worst dream team

Qualifying is not easy to play, this American team may become the worst “dream team”
The 2019 Basketball World Cup has just entered the knockout, and it has been twice as cold as frequent. As two favorite championships, Serbia and the United States have lost.In the predictions of the outside world, the two teams will meet in the semi-finals with a high probability. I am afraid that no one can predict that the two sides have indeed met successfully, but they are in the 5-8 qualifying.Mitchell (left) and Walker (right) saved the team.Figure / Osports subsequent qualifying, if unable to defeat the strong Serbian team, the American men’s basketball team is likely to create the “dream team” since the establishment of the worst record.Since the “Dream Team” first appeared on the stage of the World Championships in 1992, the American men’s basketball team has won the three World Cup (World Championship) championships in 1994, 2010 and 2014.The worst record was the 6th place in the 2002 World Championships, when Reggie Miller and O’Neal led the “Dream Five” was blocked by the former Yugoslavia in the top four, and the qualifying lost to Spain.Only 6th place.In the 1998 World Championships, the American men’s basketball team won the third place without an active NBA player, so that the team was not included in the “Dream Team” sequence.In the 2006 World Championships, James, Anthony, and Wade lost the semi-finals of the “Dream Seven” to Greece, and finally won the third place. Since then, the “Dream Team” has maintained a victory in the World Series.In the first 5 games of this World Cup, although the “Civilian Dream Team” coached by Popovich scored 5 consecutive victories and entered the quarterfinals, the Turkish team, the Greek team, and the Brazilian team have created a lot for them.trouble.This campaign faced Gobert, French men’s basketball team led by Fournier, luck did not finally stand on the side of the American men’s basketball team, “Dream Team” again lost after 13 years in the World Series.Can Jokic (left) prove himself in front of the US team?Figure / Osports Next, the American men’s basketball team must participate in the 5-8 qualifying match, the first opponent is the Serbian team led by Jokic, and lost to the Argentine team yesterday.If you lose in the first qualifying match, the “Dream Team” will miss the top 6 of the World Series for the first time, creating the worst record in history.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Wei Zhuo

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