Which version of Jiaowa is the most thunderbolt?

Which version of “Jiaowa” is the most “thunderbolt”?
2019, 2011, 2003, 2000, 1976-1981 Today, the Hollywood action blockbuster “Thunderbolt” landed on the national theater.Just like the movie “Perky Girl” filmed at the beginning of this century, the new version of “Perky Girl” is also derived from the 1976 version of the ABC TV series “Charlie’s Angel”. Whether it is a series or a movie, they maintain approximately the same character relationshipDing: Three female “angels” are ordered by Charlie, the owner of the private detective agency, to investigate various cases.But in the millennial Millennium Perak, the characters and stories are brand new. Charlie’s business has expanded to all parts of the world, and the problems and methods of solving the problems are unprecedented.The film’s three starring Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska and Nami Scott are all post-90s actors.Sauna Ye.com sorted out the IP evolution history of “The Thunderbolt” and interviewed director Elizabeth Banks to reveal the story behind the film.  ”I am always looking for stories of powerful women.”After Banks became the director’s debut work” Perfect Tone 2 “became popular, Sony Pictures contacted her and asked her if” Thunderbolt “would be some kind of remake.”I started to make all kinds of imaginations when I came home. For me,” Perky Girl “has always represented sisterhood, and I especially like this series.I think I know exactly how to accept and pass on the past while telling a good story.”Since 1976,” The Thunderbolt “has been the standard of popular culture.It is fun and full of action adventures, and it has discovered the stories of many outstanding women in this patriarchal world.Banks conceived a world where Charlie Townsend has been in existence since 1976. After 43 years of success, what kind of firm will that be?She imagined a powerful international group with bases all over the world, and Perak Jiaowa secretly protected the entire world.Banks said: “We live in the same universe, in the same timeline, as in the previous work, but to continue this timeline, we need a brand new team of angels.Being able to summon so many people to discover the three heroines, I realized the power of women today.”In this version of” Perky Girl “, the angel organization scale, personnel, and business have been fully upgraded, becoming a super organization covering the whole world. Bosley has also changed from one to three.”Little K” Kristen Stewart’s “Rebellious Angel” Sabina has a variety of styles, always rushing to the front line of the battle; “Black Beauty” Ella Balinska played Jane as the former MI6Agents, called the team with the strongest fighting power, have several eye-catching drag racing shootouts in the film; the genius scientist Elena, played by Scott, who is popular in “Aladdin”, is the “angel of wisdom”.The three leaders joined the world of “Thunderbolt” because this series represents young women.It is a work that works according to women’s ideas.Stewart said: “The participation is for the sisterhood inside.”History of” Thunderbolt “IP in 2019 and 2015, Sony Pictures restarted this project. The filming started last year, and China ‘s Perfect Film and Television participated in international projects, and the film was also released simultaneously between China and the US  2011 Douban score: 5.8-point American viewers began to strongly overlap and restart “Perky Jiaowa” in 2009, ABC TV will have the opportunity to invite the screenwriters of “Superman Prequel” Alfred Gough and Myers Miller to rewrite the script “Perak Jiaowa”,However, the 2011 version of the script disappointed the audience. The approximate evaluation far exceeded the positive evaluation. The original 13-episode TV series was cut off after only a few episodes.  2003 Douban score: 6.5 points In fact, the film version of “The Thunderbolt” is still hot and controversial. The audience believes that the color of the female version of the film is far less than the script. Even so, the film will be launched in a sequel three years later, but the global box office and word of mouth areideal.  Douban score in 2000: 6.The 8-point movie starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Liu Yuling was 20 years away from the screenplay, but the popularity was not inferior. He was the North American box office leader for two consecutive weeks, and wasIt hit 0 in October.A box office score of $ 7.5 billion.  Douban score from 1976 to 1981: 8.2 points “Thunderbolt” was originally called “Charlie’s Angel”, which was produced and released by the American Columbia Samsung Home Video Company, and played on the ABC TV station in a series of 5 seasons, totaling more than 100 episodes.Starred by Fira Forsett, Jacqueline Smith, and Kate Jackson, the stories of these three hot and talented private investigators in the private investigation center were discovered.The play has a strong feminine color.  Writing / Sauna, Yehui Zhou Huixiaowan

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