An exciting offer provides a career illustration

“An exciting offer” provides a career illustration
Li Haoyuan, an intern in the “Exciting Offer”.  The first reality show in the legal workplace in China, “The Exciting Offer,” is being broadcast on Tencent Video.In the third episode, the sharp teaching of lawyer Jin Xun about “what is needed in the workplace” has aroused strong resonance among netizens. A large number of people like Lan Yingying said to “take a small book and write down the words of Jin Lu”.As “semi-adults” who are about to leave school and step into society, the eight interns are growing up in the benign competition of the program, trying to adapt to the hard working posture of the workplace, so that the young people in struggle can see themselves as they are.  Interns experience career life under the guidance of a teaching lawyer. Every young person who is about to leave school is full of expectations and common concerns about the workplace: What are the rules of the workplace and campus?How should we face and deal with it?The “Exciting Offer” puts eight interns in a real law firm internship environment. Through their 30-day internship experience, the lawyer ‘s pertinent guidance and the diverse discussion of the “fueling group” showed the audience aThe real and exciting world of the workplace also provides a reference to the workplace life for more young people who are uneasy about the future.  Of the eight interns, only He Yunchen had experience in representing cases.When they came to the law firm to practice, they no longer faced the cases in the textbooks, or the real fresh clients, they needed to use their knowledge to exercise their rights and interests for them.The coaching lawyer Jin Xun asked Li Haoyuan to grasp his emotions. His criticism of He Yunchen’s “answer” was even more obvious: “The other party’s expression is over, and it is not too late to react.Many things can’t be understood on their own. Why did you understand it so early?It’s rude to pretend to understand and pretend to understand.What is needed in the workplace is the listener.”This analysis of the workplace as accurate as a scalpel starts from the work of a lawyer, but it does not stop there.Netizens sighed: “Jin Law’s words are deafening, and they are practical in every profession.It’s so lucky to meet such a senior when you first enter the workplace!”Growth in criticism and progress in competition and cooperation. From” semi-adult “to working people, every intern has experienced tragic growth on the show.Li Chen, who was weak at the beginning, redoubled his efforts to catch up with his companions.He took the initiative to work overtime overnight and spent more time preparing, but the assessment results were still at the bottom, and he was sad until he burst into tears, doubting whether he was really bad.Chai Xiaofeng, a leading lawyer, encouraged him: “Now there is no need to be complacent for good things, and no inferiority for poor ones . No one will be worse than me if I’m talented.You are rooted, and the (development) space is too large. “  In the third period, Li Chen ‘s progress was obvious to all. He carefully collected evidence and sorted out cases in a timeline. More importantly, although he wanted to win, he was still able to work closely with the same group of interns Cai Kunting.Chai Xiaofeng, a leading lawyer, commented that Li Chen is the most advanced student.”I recognize your diligence very much. If you keep diligent, you will definitely have good results.Li Haoyuan, the two “students” who performed well in the beginning, He Yunchen, joined forces as a team this time to “upgrade monsters”.The two unreservedly shared their views on the case, sorted out the legal relationship, and when they saw the client, they would complement each other and play a round.As He Jiong, head of the “Fuel Team,” said, the dumbest competition is opposition, and the best competition is cooperation.This kind of benign competition among interns, which only asks about paying and does not ask about results, prioritizes the interests of the clients and cooperates with each other, allows the audience to see the valuable qualities of young people.  From these interns who have just entered the workplace, more young people have also seen their shadows.No matter how many auras there are in school, the strange world of the workplace must start again.Growth is a continuous theme, and growth is not only accompanied by happiness but also pain.Only by correctly recognizing this point and constantly revising and improving oneself can we truly grow up.  Writing / Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie

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