Autumn weight loss news teaches you to adjust your internal weight and ease

Autumn weight loss news teaches you to adjust your internal weight and ease

Guide: The arrival of autumn, so that more and more people began to pay attention to weight loss news, many people want to take advantage of their health and weight loss in the fall, and thus want to learn from the weight loss news report health science weight loss methods.

What are the things that we need to pay attention to when we lose weight in the fall?

Take a look at the tips for weight loss news.

  In the fall, more and more autumn weight loss news pages have been released. After all, there is no heat in the heat, people’s appetite is great, the diet will be unconsciously overdose, and the transfer intake will be greatly increased.

Coupled with a pleasant climate, sleep is enough and sweat is reduced.

In addition, in order to welcome the arrival of winter, the human body then actively stores the aunt who is warming the cold.

Therefore, the transient of the body penetration is more than the transient of the emission.

In the fall, people are a little careless, their weight will increase, and people will gradually gain weight, which is even more a threat to people who are obese.

  The autumn climate is pleasant and the food seems to be more attractive.

Legal fries, how happy Cokewo is on the chair; the hot pot of big fish and meat looks very appetizing; the alignment on the table is gradually enriched, the greasy cooking and the stew are gradually coming to the table.

  At this time, we often resist the temptation to eat and drink, so that the results of losing weight in the summer are destroyed.

Obese people still have to avoid their mouths in the fall. They should eat some low-dose foods such as red beans, radishes, bamboo shoots, kelp, mushrooms, bean sprouts, garlic, and peppers.

Do not indulge your own good appetite, especially to resist greasy, fried foods, both ruining beauty and destroying health.

  Reasonable massage muscle activity is enhanced, blood circulation is accelerated, especially abdominal massage, the use of kneading action is very good for slight improvement, and even can quickly relieve metabolism to promote blood circulation and energy consumption, but also promote bowel movements and increase the number of bowel movements.Reduces the absorption of nutrients, which reduces the effect more significantly.

  The cool weather in autumn is a good time to lose weight with aerobic exercise.

Full body exercise can make the body slimmer, overall better, aerobic exercise allows every part of the body to exercise, of course, every part can also get a proper rest, so that it will not cause excessive training because only exercising a certain partTo avoid extra damage.

  Weight loss news tips, better exercise weight loss programs with moderate volume and intensity, continuous time to walk fast, jogging, cycling, climbing, jumping rope and other systemic aerobic exercise, combined with various reduction of obese adults, strengthen the waist,Abdominal, buttocks muscle strength exercise is better, and walking with family and friends after dinner is also a good way to lose weight.

Xiaobian Message: In fact, the most important thing to lose weight in autumn is to control a reasonable diet and participate in moderate exercise.

The various methods and precautions in the weight loss news are also important for everyone to pay attention to when losing weight.

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