Hui said,Walk into the store,Watch Chen Wenjin move the rocking chair to the innermost seat,Next to it is the butterfly sitting by the glass cabinet,Just stay with them,It’s like the realm of the two-person world。

Hui can only feel the ambiguity,Just broke in,Suddenly smashed this space,Turned into a threesome。
“Hi!The butterfly is there?”Hui smiled and said hello,The latter smiled slightly,Intentionally said:“Always here,It’s been a long time since you came。”
“You have no pressure to enter the art school,I want to fight for Pengzhong,Of course there is no way to be as leisurely as you。”Hui said,Naturally looking at Chen Wenjinwen:“Drink coke?”
“Although I just drank it,But there is no pressure for another bottle。”Chen Wenjin is about drinking water,There is no rejection in the impression。Hui said to the boss:“Bottle of water,Two bottles of coke,Small can。”
The price/performance ratio of small cans is obviously low,The glass bottle was the students’ favorite,Hui knows,So I ordered two bottles。
Butterflies would not take the initiative to drink it,So I understand,The only advantage of the can is that it can be taken away,In Huang Hui’s situation, I wouldn’t return to the shopkeeper with an empty glass bottle to save money.,So she didn’t wait for Huang Hui to catch up,While she is still paying,Just take the initiative:“You haven’t seen each other for so long,There must be a lot to say clearly,I won’t bother you。”
“worship——”Hui smiled and said goodbye,Carrying three bottles of water,See Chen Wenjin still lying down and shaking and shaking,Blame theory:“Get up soon!We go to the old place。”
Chen Wenjin is straight up,Took the bag and carried it,Directly opened a bottle of coke,When I left the store, I passed another bottle to Butterfly and said:“Treat you to drink。”
“Thank you cough!”Butterfly knows not,But Chonghui deliberately smiled and said thank you,Look very happy,Obviously to make Hui feel,Chen Wen never forgets to care about her,She also enjoys his care。
“You’re welcome。”Huiruo’s nonchalant response,As if it was originally bought for her。
Chen Wenjin drinking coke,Walking side by side with Hui,I won’t see the shop behind soon。
“Do you really care about butterflies,The coke I bought for you changed hands and asked her to drink it。”Hui said so suddenly,Chen Wenjin said with a smile:“Friends,Come to chat。Say again,I thought you bought it for her。”
“I am not familiar with her,Why do you want her to drink water?”Hui asked unhappyly,Chen Wenjin thought about it,Nod and say:“Makes sense,I was negligent,Count me on her,I’ll pay you back the coke money。”
“Do we need to be so clear?I just want you to know,I bought both bottles for you,One bottle is not enough for you。”Hui is very unhappy,Chen Wenjin wouldn’t say this before,He and his friends know clearly,Not take advantage of others,But will be willing to let good friends take advantage of him。But between their lovers,Chen Wenjin doesn’t care about this at all。
“I’m afraid you are unhappy。”Chen Wenjin’s nonchalant answer,Hui Qu said:“I’m even more unhappy if you ask her to drink!”
Elevator opened,Chen Wenjin asked Hui to go in before he went in,Two people sit up to the top floor。
On the walkway around the elevator on the top floor,There are four iron doors leading to the top of the independent building,No lock。
And the most interesting thing is,The latch of the four-sided iron door is on the outside,That means they stay outside on the roof,You can close the iron door,Can’t hit the walkway from the elevator。
This is indeed an excellent private space,So in the past they kept coming,It’s also a dating destination for couples in Hui school,The layout of the buildings in the community is the same。

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