In the autumn, you can’t make up your mind to distinguish your personal physique.

In the autumn, you can’t make up your mind to distinguish your personal physique.

Just after the cold dew, the weather turned cold, many people ate ginseng, bird’s nest, Shiquandabu soup in the name of “autumn tonic”. And the old Chinese medicine health network reminded that the autumn tonic must not be chaotic, firstDistinguish your personal physique.

  Zhou Yan is working in an accounting firm, and she often works overtime during this time.

Zhou Yan’s mother distressed her daughter and stewed a can of Angelica ginseng and black broth. Zhou Yan saw the chicken soup after work at night. She was very touched. She immediately drank 2 bowls. After drinking, she felt hot and a little uncomfortable.I can’t sleep.

Zhou Yan had a fever the next morning, and the nosebleeds were mad.

After using the cotton ball to urgently plug the nose, Zhou Yan had to take a break at home.

  Chinese medicine practitioners said that the situation like Zhou Yan is obviously over-represented.

“Chinese medicine pays attention to ‘differentiation of syndromes,’ and what you eat is supplemented according to your own physique. You can’t just eat it casually.

If you don’t care, what to eat, it is easy to eat.

“Chinese medicine practitioners pointed out that the blood-supplying effect of Angelica ginseng Wuji Tang is really good, but Zhou Yan is not a blood-deficiency constitution, so it has a nosebleed.

  It is more important for Chinese medicine practitioners to believe that everyone’s diet should be adjusted by changing the seasonal changes.

“Autumn main lungs, diet should be based on nourishing Yin and lungs, eat less spicy and divergent food, onions, ginger and garlic should eat less.

“Chinese medicine practitioners suggest that you can eat more Sydney, sugar cane, persimmon, yam and other foods that raise lungs, as well as pomegranate, grapes, grapefruit, hawthorn and so on. It can also moisturize and protect the yin.

  The Chinese doctor said that the autumn in Guilin is very dry. If you eat the warm and dry food of mutton, you will easily get hurt, causing colds, fever, cough and other problems.

“Musk is a yang, and it will not be late after the winter.”

If you want to make up, you must know your physique in advance and make a targeted supplement.

People who are damp, wet and hot are not suitable for tonic, yang deficiency, blood deficiency, and now you can eat beef, chicken tonic, crabs, persimmons such cold things do not touch.

“Multiple flirtation and understanding of autumn Qiu Ouyang Xiu wrote in “Autumn Sounds”: “Gev’s autumn is also like: its color is bleak, smoke and clouds are converging; its Rong Qingming, Tiangao Jingjing; its qi 冽, 砭Musculoskeletal; its meaning is depressed, the mountains and rivers are lonely.

“The autumn wind is clear, the autumn rain is bleak, and people are easily hurt when they fall, and they are depressed.

  Chinese medicine practitioners said that in addition to the tonic in the fall, they should also pay attention to the emotional sentiment.

“You look at the word ‘愁’, and it is the heart of the autumn, and it is easy to mourn and mourn in the fall.

Therefore, in the autumn to maintain a peaceful and healthy psychological, usually to converge, not too arrogant.

Experts said that eating pomegranate and other fruits in the fall can moisturize and protect the yin.

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