More sleep benefits, both health and wellness

More sleep benefits, both health and wellness

Modern people, not only the old talents pay attention to health.

People who know health care are generally at the cutting edge of the trend of consciousness. Generally speaking, the more people with academic qualifications, the more they pay attention to their physical health, so the more they pay attention to their health.

And how to maintain the best body care is the problem that many people are actively looking for and acting.

  Health talks about “three-point, seven-point support” refers to the time when the human body is dysfunctional. Although it is used for special use of food, health care products or medicines, it can play a certain role, but there are still seven points that are to be passed in daily life.Sleep, diet, emotions, exercise and other aspects develop good habits, so that the body can restore balance and balance as soon as possible.

If you want to balance the body and health, you must follow the laws of nature and nature. “The diet is festival, the daily life is normal, and you don’t work hard.” You can “harmonize with yin and yang, adjust to four o’clock”, and you can “end the day.”In the year, the 100-year-old is going to “one, the instinct of sleep.” In the Warring States period, the famous doctor Wen Wei split Wei Wang. His way of keeping health is to put sleep in the first place. People and animals can only grow when they sleep, and sleep helps the spleen and stomach.Digest food.

Therefore, sleep is the first major supplement for health care. People do not sleep for one night, and it is difficult to recover after losing one hundred days.

  2, the Qing Dynasty doctor Li Yu once pointed out: “The health of the cockroaches, when the sleep first.

Sleep can still be fine, sleep can raise gas, sleep can spleen and stomach, sleep can strengthen bones and strong tendons.

3, the common people often say: “medicine supplement is not as good as food supplement, food supplement is not as good as compensation.

“People should follow the laws of nature and follow the sun, that is, wake up, wake up, sleep, sleep, and develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, don’t do it with the sun.”

  Second, modern people have some understanding of sleep. They can sleep for seven hours in carbon dioxide. Therefore, it is not necessary to stay up late at night, and sleep during the day.

  2, many people sleep late or sleep badly, only know that the next day will feel mental fatigue, but do not know how much damage to the body.

  3, many people think that insomnia, sleep is difficult is only a small problem, just take a few tablets of sleeping pills on the line, I do not think it is due to the imbalance of internal organs.

  4, some people like to read books at night, write articles, etc., feel that after 23 o’clock, quiet, people are also very spirited and efficient.

  In order to get rid of the above misunderstandings of sleep, we must first understand the harm of bad sleep habits to the human body and when it is good for health.

  Third, long-term late sleep or lack of sleep on the body has some kind of damage from 9:00 to 3 am is the best time to raise liver and protect the gallbladder.

If a person does not sleep when he or she has endured the child (23:1 to 13:00), he will hurt the liver.

The initial manifestations are dark circles, dry eyes, tiredness, concave, dizziness, headache, mental fatigue and lack of concentration. Serious imbalances and various complications will occur.

  1, eye disease: liver open to the eye, when the child does not sleep easily lead to liver deficiency, blurred vision, presbyopia, wind and tears and other symptoms, followed by glaucoma, cataract, fundus arteriosclerosis, retinopathy and other eye diseases.

  2, bleeding symptoms: liver has blood, regulate blood function, do not sleep when the child, will cause liver blood deficiency, will cause vomiting blood, nosebleeds, subcutaneous hemorrhage, bleeding gums, fundus bleeding, ear bleeding and other bleeding symptoms.

  3, liver and gallbladder disease: when the child has to replace the bile, if the gallbladder is not asleep, the bile is not suitable for the adverse, too thick and crystallized into stone, long time to get gallstones.

At present, there is a hepatitis B virus carrier in an average of five people in Guangzhou. Most of them are caused by violation of the laws of nature and not sleeping.

Hepatitis B virus carrying means that 40%-60% of cirrhosis in the future, and severe liver cancer.

  4, emotional disease: when you are not sleeping, it is easy to consume and hurt your spirits. “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” says “gas is courageous”, and people who are daring are prone to uneasiness, suspiciousness, timidity, and long-term depression, worryWaiting for emotional issues, even suffering from the world, suicide.

Nowadays, adolescents are suffering from depression and even more and more suicides. Most of them suffer from liver and gallbladder because they often stay up late.

  5, cardiovascular disease: do not sleep when the child, can cause liver blood deficiency.

Due to the blood of the heart, the storage of the liver and the function of regulating the blood are impaired, which may lead to insufficient blood supply to the heart, which may cause cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  6, lungs: do not sleep when you pass, can not nourish yin and yang, liver stagnation, causing liver fire too strong and burning lungs, dry cough or cough, coughing blood and other symptoms of wood fire, it is easy to lead to psoriasis and other partsa skin disease.

(The cold is sometimes not a simple cold or wind heat, maybe taking medicine for injections or even infusions can catch a cold for many days, as long as the liver gas is made up, the liver fire can be cured quickly.

The main fur of the lungs, many skin diseases can not be cured by applying the ointment, it is only a palliative and not a cure, the cure is still to solve the liver problem.

  7, the kidneys: Hai, Zi, ugly (21:3 -3:00) for the winter of the day.

Spring, summer and long autumn harvest winter, winter should be kidney, kidney main Tibetan essence, liver and kidney similar, not sleep when eating too easy to consume liver gas, kidney gas, which easily lead to osteoporosis, diabetes, kidney failure, infertility, etc.The disease will be severely affected.

  8, habitual abortion: female habitual abortion is mostly male reasons, most of these men sleep more than zero, the liver is too heavy.

The liver is wood in the five elements, the wood is not strong, the seeds of the sperm are typically weak, the rooting power is weak, and the protein is very easy to slip.

  Fourth, what time sleep is good for health from 9:00 to 3 am is the effective sleep time, but also the best sleep time.

In the evening (21:00 – 33:00), sleep for half an hour, and sleep more than 3 hours during the day.

Therefore, it is recommended that you grasp the effective sleep time, it is best to sleep at 9 o’clock in the evening, not more than 10:30 at the latest.

  1, 21:00 to 23 o’clock every day for the time of the sea, the three cokes are the most prosperous, belonging to the hands of Shaoyang Sanjiao, “three Jiaotong hundred veins”; 23 points -1 points for the child, the most common bile duct, is less yangthrough.One is the hand Shaoyang, the other is the foot Shaoyang.

What is Shaoyang?

Shaoyang is the rising sun!

Only when the person enters the actual sleep state before 23 o’clock, the yang is only enough, and the sun of the human body can rise to have a good physical and mental state.

Most centenarians go to bed before 9 in the evening.

  2, when the ugly from 1 am to 3 pm, the liver is the most prosperous.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” says that “the person lies in the blood and returns to the liver”, and the best time for liver to nourish blood and produce blood is from 21 to 3 am.

If people stay up until 1 o’clock every day, the liver can’t return blood, the poisonous blood can’t be drained, the fresh blood can’t be born, the human body can’t get the qi and blood, and it is easy to get out of balance and cause disease.

  Fifth, how to ensure good sleep causes various causes of insomnia, but it is fundamentally that the physical body is out of balance.

  In order to ensure a good sleep, you need to do “five nos” before going to bed: 1, but full: Chinese medicine says “the stomach is not and the bed is uneasy”, because people have to rest at night, the spleen and stomach also need rest, the dinner will be aggravatedThe spleen and stomach are burdened, disturbing the yang of the spleen and stomach, thus affecting sleep.

Therefore, dinner should eat seven or eight full, and try to be light, to take care of the spleen and stomach.

  2, but move: before going to bed, it is not appropriate to sleep and disturb the yang, including watching TV before going to bed, talking and chatting, etc.

Moreover, the radiation of the electric appliances such as televisions and stereos can interfere with the autonomic nerves of the human body.

Therefore, it is not appropriate to do whole body exercise, watch TV, chat, etc. for half an hour before going to bed.

  3, but thinking: the spleen thinks, thinks about hurting the spleen, and thinking more disturbing the mind.

Thinking, moving for yang, quiet, sleep for yin.

Therefore, before going to bed, you should calm your mind and do your best to “sleep before you sleep,” and help the sun to enter the yin for sleep.

  4, but the point: after 11 o’clock in the evening, the gallbladder is open to the aerodynamics, people are easy to sleep and can not sleep, and easily dissipate the gallbladder gas, urging the evil to invade the body.

Therefore, it is best to sleep at 21 o’clock and no later than 22 o’clock at the latest.

  5, infinite wind: the wind is the beginning of a hundred diseases, no holes.

Sleeping at night, opening the window, turning on the air conditioner, etc. will blow away the yang of the guard body. After the blow, the yang will be regenerated, and after the regeneration, it will be blown away by the wind, so that the night will pass the yang of the person, the next day insteadMore tired.

Therefore, doors and windows and air conditioners should be closed before going to bed to protect the yang of the body surface.

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