What is the reason for the long spots at both ends?

It is very likely that there is a problem with the body!

What is the reason for the long spots at both ends?

It is very likely that there is a problem with the body!

Female black spots can not be allowed, which will cause great harm to women’s health. So, do you know how to regulate black spots?

What is the cause of long vesicles in the bladder?

Let me introduce to you how the long-shouldered spots are going on.

The cause of female face plaques Genetic factors Long freckles are important because of autosomal inheritance.

Light brown to yellowish brown needle tip to rice grain size, symmetrically distributed on the face, or freckles growing on the nose.

An important reason for the long spot on the face of an endocrine disordered woman is because of the endocrine disorder. The changes in the level of sex hormones in the body are usually during the menstrual period and during the pregnancy. The endocrine disorders often have depression, which affects their metabolic function.It will easily cause the formation of pigmentation and affect the production of melanin.

A large part of the long-spotted woman’s long spot is ultraviolet radiation in the sun. When the skin is exposed to excessive sunlight, the epidermis will produce more melanin particles to protect the body, but the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light.Severe skin is more likely to cause spots when photosynthesis is used, and ultraviolet rays will cause the original melanin to deepen and the spots will be more serious.

Habits of irregular living habits do not pay attention, or stress, partial eclipse, lack of sleep and other bad habits, thus affecting the continuous increase of melanin.

Life stress, sleep quality is not good, do not absorb nutrients, then some of the skin’s metabolism is reduced, causing spots to be serious again.

How to do a long plaque on a woman? The first step: control the spot on the body – the sun is actually very simple.

The reason why human skin grows freckles is because of the accumulation of subcutaneous pigments.

The subcutaneous pigments want to gather, and the role of ultraviolet rays is absolutely indispensable.

So if you want the Air Force to stop showing spots, the first thing you have to do is sun protection.

There are many specific measures for sun protection.

First of all, you can minimize the number of outings and outdoor activities; if you can’t avoid going out, you can apply a lotion with a high sun protection effect on your face. You can also wear a sun hat or a parasol when you go out.
Click on the blue word to learn more about sunscreen tips: sunscreen must be hot and hot, eat eight kinds of “natural sunscreen” second step: reduce spots – care women’s beauty is divided into 3 parts, the first part is makeup; the second part isDress up; the third part is nursing.

Therefore, as long as the skin is well treated, one third of the beautiful women can be born.

At present, the whitening freckle mask with better effect on the market is usually more expensive, and some masks with particularly remarkable effects often fail to cure the symptoms. Today, freckles have disappeared tomorrow.

So if you want to permanently and completely remove free radical spots, try the economical and affordable homemade whitening freckle mask.

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