See the disease for seven days, keep watching for ten years!

See the disease for seven days, keep watching for ten years!

The doctor saves his urgency. If the medicine enters the body, it has no effect for 7 months. Needless to say, it must be a mistake.

In fact, in essence, doctors treat diseases, which is a trial and error process.

Medical treatment is not 100%. It can only be diagnosed according to symptoms. According to the diagnosis, the diagnosis can be wrong. If the diagnosis is wrong, the prescription is naturally wrong.

The prescription is wrong, and taking medicine is naturally ineffective.

Whether it is Chinese medicine or western medicine, it has certain toxicity to the body. If it can cure the disease, and the treatment period is not long, the toxicity of the drug, the body can load normally, and it will not produce obvious substitution, then it is worthwhile to cure the disease.

However, if the medicine is eaten, it will not be effective for two days, and there will be no improvement in the week. It can almost be concluded that the treatment is a failure, and the medicine can of course not be eaten any more.

Seven days is a cycle.

Anyone’s body has the ability to heal itself.

Self-healing power usually plays a role within seven days.

A cold, a broken finger, an oral ulcer, etc., usually heal in July, regardless of treatment or treatment.

However, this does not mean that treatment is completely unnecessary.

Treatment has two effects, one can relieve pain.

In fact, if the disease does not have any pain, I believe that most people will not go to treatment.

However, without pain, it is equivalent to no alarm system, which is more dangerous.

So pain and discomfort are signals that the body must have.

We humans are very greedy, we can want to receive signals, and know exactly what the body is now.

I may feel that this signal is very uncomfortable, so I will always try my best to eliminate the signal.

Well, this is the meaning of treatment.

Treatment can relieve symptoms and improve people’s discomfort.

The second role of treatment is to prevent the progression of the disease.

Generally speaking, when you are sick, you stop in time, rest and nursed back, and your condition will not progress.

However, for such a simple matter, many people cannot do it for various reasons.

Therefore, it is necessary to use treatment to prevent further development of the disease.

As a self-repairing researcher, it is the easiest to reach people who are unwilling to take medicine, do not like to take medicine, do not believe in medical care, and do not believe in hospitals.

However, there are many people here, and there is no need for deep self-support knowledge and experience.

If you are in the process of getting sick, improper handling, delaying the condition, it is not worthwhile.

Be sure to understand that the doctor saves his urgency.

It is necessary to try to cure the disease quickly, and the health should be relatively slow.

The so-called health is to continue to use the body correctly, and to become a habit.

Health should be raised from a young age, when you are healthy, that is the best time to take care of you.

However, even if you miss it, you don’t have to regret it.

Older, the body is a bit worse, as long as you can fully wake up, to achieve a comprehensive stop loss, it is also very good.

However, to adjust your mentality, don’t think about it, it will take effect in ten days and a half, and let the body return to its original state.

I noticed that there are extra people, imagining what to eat, or excreting something, or doing something, and then the body will be better, this is the mentality of healing, not the mentality of health.

Health and treatment, the two must be separated in the mentality.

We often dialysis and evolve, knowing that creatures have evolved, and people have evolved.

But most people have not thought about it. In fact, we are evolving every day.

Good information, constant accumulation, is evolution.Why are some people born to be smart, some people are born to be stupid, one is the result of evolution, and the other is the result of degradation.

Why can it evolve and degenerate, because human brain neurons are constantly remodeling and connecting all the time.

Health, in a sense, is an evolution.

It takes a certain amount of time, and the amount of accumulation causes a qualitative change.

Really good health, in the end can be like a person, mental and physical, there will be a large optimization.

Reborn, bone marrow easy to tend, it sounds like a mysterious, in fact, not illusory, that is, the body is like a new one.

Of course, only after you have seen such a person, do you know that I am not wrong.

However, this is probably not a small decade and can be done.

This article was originally initiated by the body self-repairing researcher, and the WeChat public account has the same name!

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