How to lean muscles

How to lean muscles

Q: I am 20 years old and my body is thin. I have been in the gym for more than 3 months. I have worked very hard, one and a half hours a day, but my muscles are still not growing. Why is this?

How do you make your muscles recover?

  A: The effect of bodybuilding exercise, in addition to scientific training, recovery after training and reasonable nutritional strength.

The beginners should gradually increase the intensity of exercise and the amount of exercise.

You are a junior exerciser. One and a half hours of training per day is obviously too much exercise. It is not easy for the first-time trainer to train for more than 45 minutes in the first three or four months. It is better to train the next day.

Each training can be arranged in three parts, such as chest, back, arm day, rest day, and then practice shoulder, thigh, abdomen.

Do two to three movements per part, the total number of groups is no more than 16 groups, and the gap is within 90 seconds. After the physical strength is enhanced, the two-day or three-day break training can be carried out under the guidance of the instructor.

  Muscle growth is carried out during the recovery process after the practice, so ensuring good rest and sleep, plus reasonable nutrition is a good guarantee for muscle growth.

Eat more carbohydrates such as bread noodles before training, which can increase energy accumulation in the body and ensure energy supply during training.

After training, eat more protein foods and fruits, and neutralize the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles to help restore.

Usually you should eat less and eat more.

As long as you persist, persevere, I believe that your muscles will have a significant change in the near future.

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