Working overtime, staying, the liver is injured

Working overtime, staying, the liver is injured

Staying up late, working overtime, reading a night car to the liver is harmful to the liver. Experts believe that modern people’s living environment and lifestyle are very unfavorable to the health of the liver. Staying up late is commonplace, working overtime, reading a night car, reading karaoke, etc., all affecting emotional stability.And calm, directly endangering the health of the liver.

Clinical medicine proves that most of the liver diseases are “smashed out” except for genetic and infectious factors.

Excessive workload and amount of study often lead to mental fatigue, physical fatigue, long-term sleep, or too little sleep. Over time, the liver slowly emerges.

  Hepatic liver treatment should pay attention to sleep Shandong Provincial Hospital Hepatobiliary Surgery Professor Mu Qingling told reporters that clinical observations found that most aunts with liver cancer patients with insomnia, low mood, fatigue, fatigue and other symptoms.

Therefore, for the treatment of unfortunate liver, especially severe hepatic liver, emphasis should be placed on the nature of sleep.

Rest can reduce the body’s physical exertion, and can reduce the glycogen decomposition, protein decomposition and lactic acid production after the activity, eliminating the physiological burden of insulin.

Because bed rest can increase the blood flow of the liver, so that the liver gets more blood, oxygen and nutrient supply, and promote the recovery of liver cells.

According to Japanese scholars, the blood flow of the liver is reduced by 40% in the standing position compared with the lying position. When the standing position is accompanied by exercise, the hepatic blood flow is reduced by 80% compared with the lying position.

Reduced hepatic blood flow can directly affect the liver’s nutrition and oxygen supply.

However, excessive onset of bed rest and sleep for all patients with liver disease will aggravate the patient’s mental burden, affect the coordination of the brain’s regulating function and visceral function, and is not conducive to the body’s metabolism.

  The immune system function is reduced by 50% in less than 4 hours of sleep. A study by the Guangdong Provincial Liver Disease Society shows that his immune system function is reduced by 50% when he sleeps less than 4 hours per night, and 42 hepatitis B virus carriers are 3 in the morning?
They didn’t sleep at 7 o’clock. They checked these weights during the day and found that their immune cells’ activity ability was reduced by 31%. When these volunteers got enough sleep, their immunity recovered completely.

  Li Fushan, a professor at the Nanfang Hospital affiliated to the First Military Medical University, said that good sleep is a good medicine for liver protection.

Insufficient sleep, liver disease patients with impaired metabolic function, systemic nutrient deficiency, good sleep can reduce nutrient consumption, and is conducive to liver disease rehabilitation.

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