Curtains add color to the home, how to choose the most suitable curtains

Curtains add color to the home, how to choose the most suitable curtains

Choosing curtains is a particularly important replacement in the home decoration process. A good choice can add a finishing touch to the overall home improvement effect.

But in the face of the dazzling array of curtains in the market, how can we find the best choice?

  First, the color is the key fashion fabric curtain, or luxurious or simple. The pattern is usually based on the shape of plants and flowers, and then incorporated into the designer’s different artistic styles and unique creative designs, such as the popular ones.A novel pattern with clusters and florals.

The color scheme of the curtains is mainly white, red, green, yellow and blue.

Obviously: when choosing a suit, in addition to the individual’s feelings and preferences for the color pattern, but also pay attention to the layout and color of the home.

  Secondly, the thickness of the curtain fabric on the pulp market mainly includes cotton linters, flax fibers, silk, wool and other fabrics. The size of these curtains should be selected according to the different functions of the room: for example, the bathroom and the kitchen should be replaced by practical alternatives.Easy to wash, with steam and grease contaminated fabrics, the style should be simple and smooth; living room, restaurant should choose luxury, beautiful fabrics, such as European-style design of cotton velvet curtains; study curtains through good performance, bright, such as silkCurtains; the curtains in the bedroom are thick, warm and safe, such as a fabric with a blackout finish on the back.

Pay attention when purchasing: The fabrics of these sizes have a certain shrinkage rate. When buying, the “hands are looser” to make the shrinkage size.

There is currently no standard for shrinkage rates, and European standards are between 3% and 5%, so ask when you buy.

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