Someone’s marriage is prone to failure

Someone’s marriage is prone to failure

Some marriage experts have conducted research on hundreds of divorced couples and found that the marriage of such people is prone to failure: First, people who are overly romantic have too high expectations of their marriage life and have excessive demands on partners.

  Second, people who are overly dependent on their parents are not mature enough. If any problems occur in their marriage, they will ask their parents for help, and they will not work with their partners to solve them.

  Third, over-dramatic people such people have some reactions to moody, sorrow and joy, but they make the other party feel “aggressive” pressure, and often after the problem occurs, due to overreaction and lost the opportunity to rotate, the result is alsoWill declare the marriage unsuccessful.

  Fourth, over-accommodated people such people spoil their partners over-migration. They are dedicated to doing things regardless of their size, for fear of inadequacy. After many years, they take for granted habits.

If accidentally “served poorly”, it will become the fuse of conflict and friction.

  Fifth, chattering people can’t make the other party have a relatively quiet environment, and make the other party bored with time.

  Six, too lazy people, such as people too much of the partner, the other side to do everything, but like the master, his wife feel at ease to enjoy the service of the partner, after a long time the other party felt that this is a burdensome, can not appreciate lifeCozy, think marriage is boring.

  Seven, overly picky people such people always make sharp criticisms of any thoughts and behaviors of their partners, making them unacceptable.

  8. Excessive people are not only frugal on their own, but also do not allow their partners to make slightly more conventional consumption. They should be deprived of the entertainment or enjoyment they should have in life and have no fun in life.

  Nine, the types of people who are “sick” are more common in women.

They keep complaining to their husbands about some imaginary “illnesses” and refuse to hope that they will get the care and attention of their husbands, but often they are self-defeating and make their husbands intolerable.

  Ten, demanding and perfect human beings, and others, require everything to meet the highest standards in their minds.

Because of high demands on themselves or their partners, both parties are under severe psychological and spiritual pressure, and good marriage relationships are difficult to maintain.

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