Wu Qingfeng hosted the Spaceman online film exhibition, more than 2 million viewers broke

Wu Qingfeng hosted the “Spaceman” online film exhibition, more than 2 million viewers broke
On the evening of May 15th, Beijing time, Wu Qingfeng’s solo album “Astronaut” online film exhibition was presented in the form of a live broadcast, and the number of conversion viewers on the QQ music single platform exceeded two million.The film exhibition released this time is a derivative work of the “Spaceman” album. During the live broadcast, Wu Qingfeng accompanied the audience to review the video works created by 9 directors for 12 songs, shared the journey of creation and shooting, and also released twoThe new MV- “Shangfeng” and the album ending “Outsider”.”Sickness” MV was directed by Weng Ziguang, the director of the movie “Taking Blood to Seek Plum”, injecting his strange personal color into the MV.Wu Qingfeng played the doctor of Crow’s Mouth in the treatment of the Black Death in the Middle Ages. He traveled through mental hospitals and fire scenes to witness the joys and sorrows of the world.El deer in the flames is also associated with the fragmented black and white image of el deer in “The Town of Amnesia”, just like Wu Qingfeng lost the old memories in “The Cold”.During the live broadcast, the director praised Wu Qingfeng’s acting skills, calling him a smart actor, “There is nothing that can beat Qingfeng.”Another 10 minutes and a half MV “Outsider” was produced by Wu Qingfeng’s good friend Chen Ying’s director for many years and took a year to develop.As the ending song of the album, the director needs to connect the MV of the entire album, communicate with each director, and put or flip or echo eggs in “Outsider”.So in “Outsider”, the audience can see the flying devil fish in “Astronaut”, “Space” has turned into ice sculptures in water, and the white lines wrapped in “Line of Memory” are all in the deep sea of Wu Qingfeng’s memoryOne by one emerged and was saved.At the end of the chat, Wu Qingfeng burst into tears several times, saying that he could not give this MV to someone other than Chen Yingzhi’s director and was moved by the director’s ability to capture the pain in his creative period.Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Zhen intern Cao Yuxin editor Xu Meilin proofreading Liu Jun

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