Su Can frowned,The light in his eyes flickered。

Holding back the tearing feeling,Guo Xiong looked to the left with difficulty
Got a glance。
That’s where Qin Feng just spoke。
At this moment Qin Feng is under attack from others’ eyes。
He wanted to ask Qin Feng,Why don’t you let him resist?
But not treat people。
Su Can doesn’t plan to let Guo Xiong go!
Body riot,A lean with full of strength,Smashed out in a flash。
Rao is well prepared,Guo Xiong saw that Su Can made such a violent blow,Still can’t help being frightened。
Su Can is very strong,So strong that Guo Xiong regrets being drawn by him。
“I won’t lose!”
Guo Xiong is confident of victory,Clenched fists together to form a hammer,Hit Su Can。
“Bang”The sound of。
Su Can’s figure flew upside down,Falling on the ground, spouting blood and fainted。
Guo Xiong,Is more than ten steps back,Almost fell off the ring,Kneeling on the ground,Miserable victory!
The whole audience is silent,No one expected,The two will collide in such a fierce and exciting fight。
“I said don’t resist,The penetrating power of Su Can’s martial arts is far beyond ordinary people,Now even if you win,I can’t fight again in a short time,What a pity。”

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