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Spring skin care and moisturizing method for whole body moisturizing method

With the advent of spring, skin enemies, such as tight skin, dryness, redness, and dry lines, are constantly emerging. Moisturizing and moisturizing facial skin is a “golden bell cover” that is absolutely good for resisting these enemies.

  Replace cleansing products: the correct concept of moisturizing is from the inner layer to the outer layer, taking care of each layer.

The most basic should start with cleaning.

Summer women like to use cleansing products with strong cleansing power and degreasing power, but in autumn, such “powerful” cleansing products will make your skin suffer-it will quickly peel your skin!

Therefore, smart women should first change themselves to a mild cleanser.

  Change skin care products: Choose appropriate skin care products according to the different properties of the skin.

For normal and oily skin, you should choose oil-free skin care products, such as milk and skin cream; for dry skin, you should choose oily skin care products, such as nutrition cream and skin care honey.

  Facial massage is very important: it can promote blood circulation and metabolism, and prevent skin aging. It is most worthy of promotion in late autumn, but scientific methods must be adopted.

  Massage method: follow the principles of “Morning Straight” and “Nocturne”-Morning massage should be done in a straight line from bottom to top, because the muscles of the morning are still at rest, there is no need to do a large range of vigorous massage.

  At night, the purpose of massage is to eliminate the muscle fatigue produced during the day, so you need to do curve massage along the direction of the muscle to stimulate the muscle as widely as possible.

  If you want first aid, you can use emergency measures: If the skin is too dry, you can also use this method to save the skin-apply a hot towel before going to bed to help the skin’s pores open, and after 5 minutes, apply on a dry placePut on a moisturizing mask, wash it off after 15 minutes, and then apply a thin layer of moisturizing essence. The skin care effect of the essence can reach the bottom of the cells, and finally apply a moisturizing cream to promote the absorption of essence.

As soon as you wake up, your skin will recognize the rare moisture.

  Body moisturizing magic is less. Bathing in the spring. There is a lot of dust in the spring. The air is very dry. People sweat less. At this time, the body’s skin begins to tighten.This is due to the accelerated evaporation of skin moisture and the moisture content of the stratum corneum of the skin.

  Don’t be too diligent in bathing: Many cuties see skin peeling from their bodies and think that bathing can speed up the removal of dead skin, which is actually counterproductive!

The correct approach is to properly reduce the number of baths after spring.

Because too much bathing will wash away the protective oils on the body surface, it is best to take a bath every two days, and the water temperature is preferably between 24 ° C and 29 ° C.

If the water temperature is too high, the oil on the skin surface will be more easily destroyed, and the capillaries will expand, exacerbating the dryness of the skin and causing damage to the skin.

  Make sure to choose a neutral solution when you take a bath.

Bathing time should not be too long, a bath of 20 minutes, a shower of 3 to 5 minutes, otherwise the skin surface is prone to dehydration.

  Enable humidifier: It is best to apply body lotion after bathing.

Choose suitable skin care products according to different skin types. Generally, normal and oily skin should choose non-oily skin care products. Dry skin should choose oily skin care products. Drink plenty of water every day and put a basin of water in the room orUse an air humidifier to increase the humidity in the room.

  To have supple skin, you must first work hard on your diet and drink plenty of warm and cold water.

Many dehydrated and delicate foods that modern people eat for convenience will directly affect the absorption of water, make the body slowly dehydrated, and the skin will lose its luster. Eat less spicy food, beef and mutton and onions, garlic and other irritating food.
Tomatoes can improve stomach and digestion and fight aging; carrots can reduce skin dryness.


Increase intake of various vitamins.

  Vitamins play an important role in preventing skin aging and protecting the skin’s delicate moisture.

Such as vitamin A deficiency, can lead to decreased skin elasticity and become rough; if lack of vitamin B2, dry lips and cracked skin will appear.

Vitamin A foods: such as animal liver, cod liver oil, lean meat, eggs and orange-red vegetables and fruits.

Foods rich in vitamin B2 such as yeast, fish, eggs, legumes, Scutellaria baicalensis, river crab, etc.

In addition, vitamin E has an anti-oxidation effect on the cell membrane, and therefore has an anti-debilitating effect on the skin.

Foods containing vitamin E metabolism such as: sesame oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, cabbage and so on.


Eat foods containing collagen and elastin.

  Collagen can make the cells plump, which will make the skin plumper and reduce wrinkles. You can usually eat food such as hoof tendons, pigskin, chicken skin, etc.


Add trace elements.

  Need to add sufficient blood, iron is the main component of the heme in the blood, eat more foods rich in iron, such as animal blood, egg yolk, meat and so on.Natural iron in food is a kind of high-priced iron with very low solubility, which cannot be directly absorbed. It can be absorbed by the absorption tract only in an acidic environment.

Therefore, supplement with iron should increase tomatoes, green peppers, hawthorn and other foods containing more vitamin C.

When zinc deficiency occurs, the skin is severely dry and rough, and it is prone to acne. Foods containing more zinc such as oysters, malt, walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc.

In addition, pearl contains a variety of trace elements, amino acids and proteins, which can improve the nutritional status of the skin and slow skin aging and wrinkling.


Pay attention to alkaline food intake.

  Reduce animal manure, meat and sweets in your diet.

These physiologically acidic foods undergo oxidative decomposition in the body, which increases lactic acid in body fluids and blood, and increases uric acid content, making the skin rough and greasy. In order to neutralize excess acidic substances in the body, you should eat more physiologically basic foods, such asFresh fruits and vegetables to improve skin supply and make skin smooth and moist.


Always pay attention to drinking water.

  The degree of skin tenderness and moisture is fully related to the moisture content.

When the body’s water content is reduced, dry skin and sebaceous gland secretion decrease, which causes the skin and liver to lose elasticity and even wrinkles.

Therefore, for the health of the skin, you should always drink a moderate amount of water every day.

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