What married men want most

What married men want most

Expecting women’s initiative in sex life The women’s initiative in sex life will not only attract men’s eye-catching look, but also make men feel more comfortable in sexual communication. Such sex life will also bring more expectations to men.

  I hope my partner is more lively and cheerful than the woman imagines.

Before deciding whether to get married, they may even use a table to list the pros and cons of living with their girlfriends in the future. After a strict comparison, they decide whether they should enter the siege of marriage.

  However, once his female companion is the kind of cheerful and enthusiastic woman, who likes herself and can also be a life partner, friend and lover at the same time, the male will associate with her without hesitation.

Because such women help their future life become happy.

  Extramarital affairs is to find lost passions. Relative to men, there are fantasies about extramarital affairs.

But many people think that this has nothing to do with whether their marriage or sexual life is harmonious. They just want to find the passion that was lost when they entered the marriage.

Of course, if some of their passions would cause fatal injuries to marriage, many would think twice.

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