[Effects of Taiwan’s fan powder]_Benefit_Necessary

[Effects of Taiwan’s fan powder]_Benefit_Necessary

Different provinces have different gastronomic characteristics. The most important thing you must not miss when traveling is the local cuisine.

Taiwanese cuisine can be said to be loved by the people of the mainland. It has certain selectivity both in terms of color and nutrition. Especially Taiwanese noodles, such as Taiwanese cuisine, even have delicious Chinese medicine.What is the efficacy of Taiwan’s fan powder?

There are some effects of Chinese noodles. It is the effect of conditioning itself to promote bowel movements.

Because of the certain amount of betulinic acid contained in the mountain noodles, it is a very good food for those with tandem disorders and long-term constipation.

Secondly, it can relax muscles and promote blood circulation. The main effect of yam flour is that it contains a large amount of vitamins, which is good for the human body.

How to make the mountain noodles in Taiwan? The mountain noodles are ground and crushed, sieved into a fine powder and placed in a large dish.

Minced pork fat and minced meat, chopped green and red shreds, and white sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus in a bowl and mix well to make 25 g balls each.

Roll up the flour, put it into the colander, put the spoon together into the boiling water pot and lift it slightly. Then put the flour on the flour once, then put it in the boiling water pot.Inside, steam into the cage with high heat and take out to serve.

Mountain noodles are made by soaking black seeds collected from mountain herbs in water and cooking them.

The surface of the black seeds after cooking will produce gelatin, and the sugary water will turn into noodles.

Because mountain herb contains “betulinic acid”, it is said to have the effect of strengthening the stomach and intestines and gradually lowering blood pressure.

Nutritional effects have better brain health and anti-aging functions.

Antipyretic, analgesic, prevent cancer, increase appetite, clearing heat and purging fire, cooling blood and detoxifying.

Very beneficial for patients with hypertension and heart disease

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