Mandalorian meets expectations, Disney’s big game begins

“Mandalorian” meets expectations, Disney’s big game begins
“Mandalorian” poster.In the eyes of fans of hardcore Star Wars, the words “Mandalorian” are very important.In “Star Wars 5: The Empire Strikes Back”, the brief appearance of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Boba Fett is impressive.He doesn’t have many lines, but every sentence surpasses his ruthlessness and ruthlessness.In particular, he dared to challenge the classic Star Wars villain Darth Vader, indicating that this is a ruthless character that cannot be underestimated.Although in Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi, he was defeated by the protagonists and fell into the belly of a monster as big as a bottomless hole, but he has always been popular among Star Wars fans, so that later Star Wars novels,Star Wars comics let him “return to life” and play a more important role in various non-film Star Wars literary works.At the beginning of the 21st century, George Lucas, the “Father of Star Wars,” gave the Mandalorian more legend when shooting the trilogy of “Star Wars Prequel”.”Star Wars 2: The Attack of the Clones” mentions the new source of the classic Star Wars villain Empire Stormtroopers: The Republic used the genes of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett to create a huge army of clones.The republic was later tampered with by Sith and transformed into an empire, and the clone army was also transformed into an imperial stormtrooper.To the surprise of the Star Wars fans who entered the theater at that time, Boba in his childhood also appeared in “Star Wars Episode 2”-even Boba is also a clone of Jango, but he is commensurate with the father and son of Jango.Jango Fett in Star Wars Episode 2 is the father of the bounty hunter Boba Fett in Star Wars.Whether it’s “Star Wars” from the 1970s to 1980s, or “Star Wars” from the early 2000s, the Mandalorians are very eye-catching.The Mandalorians are martial, fearless, and beyond the limitations of traditional concepts of right and evil. They are quite charming.The authors of other Star Wars stories thoroughly created novels with Mandalorian culture at the core.Among them, novelist Karen Travis went the farthest, and even invented a set of Mandalorian language system containing grammar and words.However, due to a dispute with the then Star Wars copyright owner Lucas Pictures about the direction of story creation, Travis withdrew from Star Wars novel writing in 2009.In 2012, Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney.After becoming the “new master” of Star Wars, Disney believes that the previous Star Wars story system is too large. Movies, novels, comics, and games form a space opera epic of more than 20,000 years. If all the “derivative universe” stories outside the movieThe words that are all recognized as “the history of star wars” are not conducive to the creation of new movies.In the end, Lucasfilm withdrew most of the old derivative universe stories from the history, including various settings about the Mandalorian.Without the constraints of the old derivative universe story, Disney and Lucasfilm have re-planned the creative mechanism of the Star Wars story.The most important are the new movies launched, including three “Post-Star Wars Biography” that inherits the ladder of six Star Wars movies, and several “Time Wars” interspersed with six old Star Wars movies.However, after “Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens” created multiple box office records at the time, the box office in the subsequent three films was sluggish than one.”Star Wars Gaiden: Rogue One” is considered passable, and “Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi” fell sharply, leading directly to the 2018 “Star Wars Gaiden: Ranger Soro” box office crash.”Ranger Soro” poster.The loss of Ranger Solo caused Disney and Lucasfilm to decide to suspend the launch of the “Star Wars Story” movie.It is rumored that some of the rumored movie projects are transferred to the small screen, which is transformed into a live-action TV series.A TV series featuring the main character of the legendary Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi may be one example.Disney officially announced the show in August this year, and Ivan McGregor, who played Kenobi in the prequel movie, will return to the stage.The Air Force rumors that Disney is going to make a rumored film about Kenobi.The Kenobi TV series is expected to start shooting in 2020. It will be the same as the current “Mandalorian” TV series, and the already established TV series of Cassian Ando (one of the protagonists of “Grand Theft One”) will land on “Disney +”.Since the success of the Netflix model, merged film and television distribution or producers have begun to explore the streaming business, and Disney is no exception.In order to strengthen the “Disney +” momentum, Disney ‘s sub-IPs, subsidiaries-including Disney Animation, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic Channel, and even the 20th Century Fox, which just belonged to Disney, etc.-NoteTake a few hits to produce exclusive content for the new platform.Among them, “The Mandalorian”, as the “escort” work launched by “Disney +”, was obviously placed on the high hope of starting the new platform.In the first episode of “The Mandalorian”, there is a scene where the protagonist returns to a Mandalorian headquarters to build armor after completing the task.It is believed that the following episodes will add the Mandalorian cultural features in more detail, so that the Mandalorian culture, once blurred by the old derivative universe, will try to re-emerge in the new derivative universe.For die-hard diehards, this is the greatest news from Mandalorian.For ordinary viewers whose officials have only watched Star Wars movies, if the Mandalorian can maintain a sophisticated production texture, the episode is naturally worth following.This new drama is expected to help “Disney +” to accumulate early users and make Disney’s streaming business develop rapidly.Stills of “The Mandalorian.”But from the perspective of Star Wars IP itself, there is no inevitable connection between the success of TV series and the success of movies.Movies are the basic set of Star Wars, and their box office performance is often tied to the reputation of the previous movie works.”Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker” will be released in December this year.Due to the “big ending” halo bonus, the North American pre-sale box office of “Star Wars 9” has broken the record of “Avengers 4”.But if this movie reappears like the “Star Wars 8” blunder, the box office may eventually be dragged down, and the next set of Star Wars movie trilogy may have a difficult start.As far as the entire Star Wars story system is concerned, “Mandalo Man” is a good supplement; as far as “Disney +” is concerned, “Mandalo Man” is a strategic work; and as far as Star Wars IP is concerned, “ManThe Dallo is not the answer to the worries of the movie box office.□ freelee (Deputy Director of Star Wars Chinese Network), editor of sauna night net Wu Longzhen, proofreading Wang Xin

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