At last,The look of dragon and phoenix,Also has a very typical Han Dynasty style。

he knows,The grain patterns of jadeware in the Han Dynasty are mainly grain patterns、Puwen、Cirrus and various animal patterns,Including various dragon patterns、Phoenix bird pattern and animal head pattern are mainly。
This one in front of you,It’s obvious。
therefore,Can be concluded,This is a high imitation jade from the Han Dynasty。
After listening to Populus’s analysis,The young man surprised,It’s as senior Hua said,Is a great guy。this time,His attitude towards Hu Yang and others is obviously much better,Is it a kind of respect for the master?!
“Great!Let’s go!Hua Lao is waiting inside。”
Populus bite the bullet and follow up,Don’t tell me,Senior Hua is the boss behind this fake workshop, right??
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Gift jade(Fourth more,Ask for monthly pass)
After entering,Hu Yang and they saw Hua Shixiong,Talking and laughing with an old man。
After discovering Hu Yang and others,Hua Shixiong beckons:“Come,Let me introduce,This is the top antique jade master in China,Jia Shizhen,Senior Jia。Antique jade he made,Has reached the point of being fake。”
Jia is always an old man with a gray beard,Energetic,Smiled gently with Hu Yang:“Just now,I heard Shixiong’s strong admiration for a young man,I am still curious,What kind of young handsome guy is he?!It really is a talent。”
Hu Yang humble:“Jia Laohao!It’s all praise from senior Hua,The kid still has a lot to learn,Not worthy of such praise。”
Everyone chatted a few words,Explanation of Hua Shi Xiongcai and Populus,My intention to come here。

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