“Start the first-level publicity plan!”A management spoke。

He is the person responsible for the new section,Naturally, he is praising Brother Hu,Although the new section has not been opened yet,But the situation is expected to be more difficult。
First of all,The new section is for traditional culture。Live broadcast talents in this area are dying,Rarer than pandas,It’s rare to see a Hu brother,Well done,Of course he hopes that the platform will stack the best recommended resources on Hu Ge。
“A bit exaggerated?Primary publicity plan,Always open to celebrities,he……”
Someone gets up very quickly,Human place,There will be rivers and lakes!This sentence makes sense。
Even the same company,So many resources,Everyone grabs as much as possible,Piled on top of the plates that you are responsible for,Make your own performance,It’s about how much you get,Unallowable。
So-called first-level publicity plan,It’s actually an appointment promotion on the homepage。
All the time,Are all aimed at singers and other stars。A singer、Celebrity,To start a live broadcast,Promote your own new song or something,Will start to advertise a day or two in advance,Make an appointment to watch。
Second-line singer,The number of scheduled viewers can exceed 100,000。Those big names,Usually can reach hundreds of thousands,Millions。
Once the player’s appointment is successful,When it starts,There will be reminders,Receive the message in the first time。This is the so-called primary publicity plan。
in fact,This recommended resource cannot be said to be completely aimed at celebrities,These two years,There are also anchors on their platform who got this recommendation,Just rarely。
For example, a big anchor gets a chance,Made a hit song or something,Need to promote,It is also possible to get this recommendation。This anchor,Actually want to enter the entertainment industry,The platform also gives face。
“What happened to the star?Isn’t the big star Xu Hong also Hu’s friend??Also been in the live broadcast,Greeted everyone。”Dou Le, the person in charge of the upcoming traditional culture live broadcast section, retorted。
An actor like Xu Hong,Won’t be on the live broadcast platform,That is probably their first show。

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