Mung Bean is a Blind Detox

Mung Bean is a Blind Detox

Medicine and food are homologous, which means that the food we eat in daily life is not only the source of nutrition we rely on for survival, but also a good medicine for curing diseases.

Mung bean is a good medicine with the same source of medicine and food.

1.Anyone who has watched Daejangjin knows that Jangjin’s mother escaped because she drank mung bean soup.

What is the reason?

Because mung bean can detoxify, it can relieve arsenic poison and some medicinal food poisoning.

Mung bean is cool and sweet, can reduce swelling and detoxify, and has lipid-lowering and liver-protective effects.

If you encounter food poisoning and you don’t have effective medicines around you, don’t forget that mung beans may be a good medicine for detoxification.

In addition, many teenagers often have acne on the retina.

For acne patients with hot and humid type, if you continue to treat mung bean soup often while promoting treatment, you will get more results with less effort.

2.Heatstroke and clear summer heat Summer season is hot, and people know that drinking mung bean soup can prevent heatstroke and cool down.

Because it can clear away heat and relieve heat, quench thirst and water, it is not only a summer heat drink, but also a good medicine for treating heat stroke patients.

It has the function of treating complications such as heat and thirst, sore throat, acne, and bloating.

Children suffering from gills, but also apply mung bean to the external application of the affected area, there are clear heat and detoxification.

Diuretic and clearing people who often drink alcohol often encounter yellow urine, which is caused by long-term drinking of wine, which produces moist heat, moist heat, and coking.

Mung bean has the function of diuretic and clearing the blood, and integrates the heat and humidity from the body to urinate. Therefore, mung bean is a good choice for alcoholics, which can effectively relieve the symptoms of yellowing in urine.

Similarly, yellowing of urine caused by other reasons, such as eating a lot of spicy food, etc., can also be treated by adding mung bean soup.

Mung beans are a family-prepared product for both food and medicine.

External application of clearing heat and detoxification often use raw mung beans, take more soup orally and so on.

In addition, people often mix mung beans with other medicines or foods. For example, mung beans and coix porridge can enhance heat and dampness.

Treating diseases by matching foods in life can sometimes have unexpected good results.

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