Summer baby dumplings more 4 types of dumpling powder recommended

Summer baby dumplings more 4 types of dumpling powder recommended

Beginning in the summer of May 5th, the summer officially entered. When the temperature rises, the baby is prone to sweating, and the skin is prone to allergies or even mules.

In addition to helping the baby clean, and keeping the room ventilated and dry at all times, parents can also use talcum powder or dumpling powder appropriately.

  Netizen question 1: When to use rice dumpling powder?

  Long mules, also known as long sweat rash, are caused by perforation of sweat holes caused by a large amount of persistent sweating.

People who are sweaty and obese are also prone to grow, and the baby’s skin is delicate and the sweat glands are not fully developed, so there is a chance of a sweat rash.

If it is a mild rash, keep your baby in a well-ventilated environment to keep it cool. After bathing, apply an appropriate amount of rash powder.

  So how do you choose dumpling powder?

It must be understood from the composition and function of the ingredients: the raw materials of gardenia powder are: talc, boric acid, spices, and sublimation sulfur, menthol, zinc oxide, thymol and salicylic acid, etc.It is an anti-pimple, causing analgesic, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and inhibiting boil regeneration.

  Editor’s recommendation: Care for baby’s hot loquat powder. Editor’s comment: The biggest feature of the product is that it does not contain talc powder instead of using natural corn starch formula, which is more gentle and pure. It has added cool ingredients such as eucalyptus leaf oil, natural mint, and honeysuckle.Among them, honeysuckle has a certain role in anti-inflammatory and antipyretic. In addition, the aloe oil has a moist powder and is smooth and smooth, and it has a puff barrier to prevent powder pollution and powder flying.

  Netizen question 2: Is it necessary to use duster powder in summer already?

  Both have cool skin, absorb sweat, and relieve itching. The difference is that: in the summer, it will be applied to the skin of gardenia, which has sterilization, anti-inflammatory, cool, antipruritic, and inhibits the regeneration of gardenia.The main ingredients of the powder are talcum powder, boric acid, magnesium carbonate, and spices. It removes some chemical components in the gardenia powder. It absorbs sweat and smoothes the skin. It can also reduce the effect of gardenia. It can also be used in winter, but it is still not very good.Solve the problem of capillary sweat holes.

  Editor’s Choice: Pigeon Baby Elixir Powder 120g Editor’s Comment: Japanese brand, also uses Japanese formula.

The main ingredients are: talcum powder, plant squalane, scum remover, licorice extract, silicone oil, micro-perfume.

Among them, plant squalane is a plant component that is very similar to baby sebum and has little irritation.

It also adds anti-itching and anti-itching ingredients, which can help prevent and improve the itchiness and itching.

The delivered puff is soft, safer without fluorescent agent, and the powder is soft and smooth without any fragrance.

  Netizen question 3: Do you need to pay attention to using rice dumpling powder?

  1. Don’t use adult rice dumpling powder, because boric acid contained in adult rice dumpling powder is prohibited in baby dumpling powder.

  2. Avoid splashing in the air duct, first pour the powder in your hand or puff away from the baby, and carefully apply it on the baby’s head, under the arm, leg socket, under the neck, etc., should not be too much each time.

  3. Avoid puffing your eyes, ears, and mouth.

  Editor’s recommendation: Baby Billy’s Baby Soothing Plant Hot Loquat Powder 90G Editor’s recommendation: From the point of view of products, it is safer to use mung bean powder and medical non-asbestos talcum powder, and add plants such as Italian chamomile, purslane, and mountain goldThe extract has a soothing effect on the skin. In addition, peppermint and borneol extracted from plants are cooler and can alleviate the discomfort caused by gardenia.

The pure powder forms a breathable protective layer on the skin surface, which can reduce the displacement friction with the wrinkles.

  Netizen question 4: The baby accidentally overturned the rice dumpling powder, making his face full, and all in his mouth. Is the absorption of the rice dumpling powder harmful to the baby?

What to do?

  The following symptoms appear after taking zongzi powder by mistake: nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness, numbness of hands and feet, lethargy, slow breathing, and facial flushing.

Discontinue use immediately, induce vomiting by hand or induce vomiting by hand. Those who have symptoms of poisoning should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

Keep it out of the reach of your baby every day to avoid accidental eating.

  Editor’s Recommendation: Johnson’s Baby Hot Loquat Powder 140g Editor’s Comment: 1. Ingredients: Asbestos-free talc powder, mung bean powder, zinc oxide, borneol, menthol, vitamin E, chamomile, purslane, mountain bike gold,Dandelion, hollyhock, peony and other ingredients, among them, chamomile, purslane and other non-desensitizing ingredients have soothing and moisturizing effects; 2, fine and smooth powder, effectively prevent diarrhea in skin allergy and damage caused by frictionModerating effect.

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