Which points of foot massage can lower blood pressure

Which points of foot massage can lower blood pressure

“There are more than 30 acupuncture points below the toes, five internal organs, six limbs, and limbs with corresponding reflection areas on the feet.

It can be said that from the ankle to the sole of the foot, it is an important area of health care.

Jiang Liangduo, chief physician of internal medicine at Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, told the Life Times reporter that turning the ankle often can indeed help the treatment of hypertension surgery, at the same time, slow down the aging of the body, and flexibly bone and joint.

“Kunlun, Shenmai, Jinmen, Qiuxu, Xiexi, Zhongfeng, Shangqiu, Taixi and other acupuncture points are all around the cross of the feet. When you turn your feet, you can stimulate these points and play a health role.

Jiang Liangduo imitated that, such as the Kunlun acupoint, is located on the outside of the toe, and the center point of the line connecting the tip with the heel is inserted outside.

This acupoint is one of the main acupoints on the solar bladder meridian of the human foot. Stimulating it can treat headaches, low back pain, high blood pressure, and chills.

The Shangqiu acupoint is located in the downward depression before the human foot is reset. Stimulating it can treat abdominal distension, constipation, indigestion, acute and chronic gastritis, etc.

  There are many ways to turn your ankles. Jiang Liangduo said that you can sit on the bed with one hand holding the feet and the other with the soles of your feet and turn slowly; you can also sit on a chair with your toes on the ground and use your ankles as the axis.Rotate; generally turn around 100 times each time, once in the morning and evening.

  In addition, Jiang Liangduo also pointed out that some acupoints at the bottom of the foot also have a certain effect on the treatment of hypertension, such as the swells at the front third of the toe seam at the second and third toe sutures and the heel.Quan points, massage it can treat neurasthenia, burnout, insomnia, high blood pressure, dizziness, menopausal disorders and so on.

There is also a “hypertension point” located in the center of the horizontal stripes of the base of the thumb. Insert it with the thumbs of both hands for 6 seconds, 10 times a day, and have a significant treatment for lowering blood pressure.

Jiang Liangduo reminded everyone: “Participate normally, you can turn your ankles at work, you can massage the acupoints of your feet after washing your feet at night, alternately, long-term adherence, and can have a good health effect.

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