[Efficacy of Ugly Orange]_Ugly Orange_Effect_Concentration

[Efficacy of Ugly Orange]_Ugly Orange_Effect_Concentration

Ugly orange is a relatively popular fruit in recent years. It is often marketed during the Spring Festival. Because of its big and sweet, it is very popular.

Although Ugly Orange is so good, few people understand the true efficacy of Ugly Orange.

In fact, eating ugly oranges is very beneficial to human health. Let ‘s take a look at the effects of ugly oranges!

Ugly orange vitamin content is several times the main nutritional content of orange lemon. Ugly orange content is 50mg / 100g.

After comparison, it is found that the vitamin C content of ugly oranges is really not low in similar fruits. The vitamin C content of ordinary oranges is about 28mg / 100g, the vitamin C content of oranges is about 33mg / 100g, and the vitamin C content of lemons is22mg / 100g.
So it also looks ground, this ugly orange has far more vitamin C content than other similar fruits, and has high nutritional value!

Ugly orange with high medicinal value peel can deodorize Ugly orange, which can rejuvenate and quench thirst, phlegm and qi, has high nutritional value, high medicinal value, and is a good fruit with civilian price.

Ugly orange peel can be used as medicine after drying, and it can be deodorized in the refrigerator.

Dear friends, if you haven’t dared to eat this unsophisticated fruit, go to the supermarket and try it. Eat 2 a day, and your vitamin C content will reach the standard.

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