“of course,”Chen Geng nodded:“If you want to be governor、president,Your gender is a serious problem,But if you don’t plan to be president、Be governor……Do you know how many women members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives currently have??Did you know that in the Michigan State Assembly,How many women parliamentarians?”

Rachel looked blank:How could she know this。
Of course Chen Geng knows Rachel doesn’t know,Facing her dazed expression,Chen Geng said:“From1917year4month2day,Janet·Since Ms. Rankin became the first female member of the U.S. House of Representatives to today,The two houses of the U.S. Senate were born73Female parliamentarians,In this government,The number of female congressmen in the U.S. Congress has reached a record high:Have4Female councillors。In the Michigan State Assembly,There are3Female parliamentarians……”
Looking at Rachel,Chen Geng said slowly:“American women have the right to vote,But I don’t know if you noticed a bit,Whenever a female parliamentarian is pushing a certain issue,Will always receive strong support from Everbright women。This is your biggest advantage——Compared to other male parliamentarians,As long as you can become a councillor,Your voice is inherently louder than others、You are naturally attracted to more spotlights than others。”
Rachel thought about it,It seems to be true,Since this is the case……
“I did!”
Since I intend to make Rachel the spokesperson of the entire Detroit used car industry,Chen Geng planned to invite his partner Todd to come,Let’s discuss together。
When I rushed to Chen Geng,,I saw Rachel who obviously didn’t mean to go out,Todd froze for a moment,Then look at Chen Geng,Implication,We want to talk,Rachel, a woman here,Does it fit?
Pointed to Rachel,Chen Geng said:“Todd,I invite you over,I want to talk about Rachel。”
The thing to talk about is related to this woman?Take a look at Rachel,Todd nodded:“You said,what’s up?”
“I’m going to let Rachel run for council this time。”
“she was?Running for council?”Todd points to Rachel,Incredible way:“Hey!Buddies,Did you make a mistake,She is a woman!”
“Yes,He is a woman,”Chen Geng nodded:“But I still decided to do it。”
Todd takes a look at Rachel,Take another look at Chen Geng,Shocked:“you……you guys……”

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