When Jin Suyan and Su Xuehen saw Lu Menglin,Two women can’t help but tears into their eyes,Crying with joy on his face,Beautiful feeling,Can always be sweet to the heart。

Although the two of them have always believed that Lu Menglin will be fine,Will definitely come back,But after all so many days have passed,Lu Menglin who should have appeared long ago,But hasn’t returned,I can’t help but feel uneasy,I saw this smelly man with my own eyes,Finally rest assured!
Actually, when Kasuga Mingzi appeared just now,The two girls already suspect that Lu Menglin is back,It was just tense,It’s not convenient to ask。
Based on their understanding of Lu Menglin,of course I know,Even Haruichi can come back,There is no reason why Lu can’t come back。
“I’m back
Up!Sorry,Made everyone worried!”Lu Menglin smiled and greeted the surrounding,Smile,So much,It seems that the world’s fifth place is completely ignored。
Strange,Almost everyone present,Whether it is a guard soldier,Or the warrior of the Oriental Kingdom,Even the General Wu from China,After seeing Lu Menglin,Unparalleled peace of mind,I think as long as he comes back,Everything is fine,Didn’t think,Lu Menglin is only tenth on the Dragon Tiger Ranking,Even Kasuga Hako is one place higher than him。
boom!Morgan·Rod jumped up,The ground under my feet was torn apart,He is really angry!Very angry。
From the moment that guy appeared,He suddenly found,Everyone’s attention seems to fall on that guy,And myself, the fifth strongest in the world,I lost my attention,How could this happen?
“who are you?Sign up!”Morgan·Rod shouted。
Although I had a dark loss just now,But he doesn’t think he is inferior to others,It’s just bad luck,That person is not strong,He didn’t even perceive the mutant power in the opponent,Just by coincidence,I used the wrong force,I’ll be thrown ugly。
Morgan·Rod even thought,That person must be weak,Otherwise,Why didn’t he take advantage of the victory?The fall just now was just ugly,I didn’t suffer any harm,Explain that the opponent does not have enough strength to hurt himself,Just bluffing。
but,Dare to bluff in front of the world’s fifth strongest,Enough to prove that the other party is not waiting,and so,Morgan·Rod is not too careless,He can’t lose for a while,Because he can’t afford to lose this person。
“Ha ha,You want to incorporate my troops,I don’t even recognize who I am?Your Earth Alliance’s intelligence work seems to be inadequate!Or,You were fooled by someone,Came to trouble me,They miss you?”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
“you,You fart!You are Lu Menglin?Haha!You came back!But so what?You and your guards,Must be drafted into the Earth Alliance!If you dare to resist,I will kill you!”Morgan·Rod’s tone is hurried,It seems that he really wants to find the place he just lost in front of Lu Menglin,That’s why I can’t wait。
“Sorry,Who are you?I don’t know many people in the Earth Alliance,Just two old guys, Li Qingsong and Will,You come to my trouble,Do they know?”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Morgan·When Luo Luo heard that Lu Menglin had a relationship with himself,Proactively mention the names of Li Qingsong and Will,Can’t help but laugh:“Don’t tell me these shit!It’s useless to talk about love!You refuse to join the Earth Alliance,I will kill you!If Kasuga dared to intervene,You two are going to die!”
Hear morgan·Rod so loudly,The crowd watching around couldn’t help taking a breath,Then they showed bad expressions。
Even this Morgan·How about Rod is the fifth strongest in the world?Now Lu Menglin is back,The master of Songzhengjuku Kasuga Hako is also back,There are a large number of warriors from the Guardian Kingdom and the Oriental Kingdom around,Two forces,Nationwide power,Couldn’t it be a Morgan?·Rod?

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